10 great movies the whole family will enjoy

10 must see movies

There comes a point in every parent’s life when they realise they just physically can’t sit through watching Frozen again. Or Lego Friends. Or Dinotrucks. It’s nice seeing your children develop their own tastes and interests, but unfortunately they can get repetitive.

This situation is only made worse when you hear them refer to Star Wars as “that olden days movie”. Yes, it can be hard to find a film that pleases everyone. We’re here for you. These are 10 films that you can all sit through and enjoy.

10 must see movies

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Not the Johnny Depp version, that’s just straight up terrifying. Instead, go for the charming Gene Wilder retelling of the classic Roald Dahl tale. During the boat ride sequence the kids are still going to want to snuggle up to Mum and Dad.

The Croods

We’re keeping the CGI to a minimum on this list, because there’s a chance you get enough of that already. But this film is an underrated gem. You can appreciate the jokes about being a loving parent trying to protect your children in a dangerous and ever-changing world. Your kids will laugh at the dad getting hit repeatedly on the head with rocks.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Kids love this story of the back garden being transformed into an epic jungle, and while the special effects are beginning to look a bit cheesy, they don’t seem to care. One bit of movie nostalgia your kids won’t object to.

Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Your children can fantasise about a school with classes in potion making, spells and broomstick riding. You can fantasise about being able to get the house tidy with a wave of the magic wand. Soon you can all plan a family trip to Diagon Alley to pick up a souvenir from Olivander’s Wand Shop.

The Lego Movie

Lego is one of those beautiful things that every generation is convinced belongs to them. Prepare to be seriously invested in the underlying conflict of this film, where the forces of creativity, imagination and self-expression terrorise the poor parents who just want to follow the instructions!

The Princess Bride

Whenever you show your kids a much-treasured film from your own childhood there is always the danger they will ruin it by loudly and repeatedly telling you how boring it is. Except they can’t do that with The Princess Bride because that kid from The Wonder Years has beaten them to it. Before long they’ll be entranced by the sword fights, the magic, and yes, the kissing bits.

Home Alone

Watch your children fantasise about life without you. Then watch them cackle madly at elaborate booby traps that, now you’re seeing them as an adult, are actually really dangerous!


Is there a being as magical and sinister as David Bowie? Enjoy the songs. Cuddle during the scary bits. Have a dreamy look in your eye whenever Bowie is on the screen that your children can’t hope to understand – yet.

The Wizard of Oz

It’s a classic for a reason. You’ll enjoy it for the nostalgia and the fact that it’s a near perfect movie. Your kids will enjoy it because of the bright colours and happy songs. This is one film you can be sure they’ll be showing to your grandchildren one day.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Kids love scary stuff. They don’t really like being scared – not proper “Oh no they’re going to get me!” scared or “I lost sight of mum for two minutes!” scared. But they like ghouls and ghosts and monsters and gross stuff, and they like the idea that they might be on their side. This film is a perfect dip in the pool for kids that seem a bit too fascinated with stuff that you’re sure they should be scared of.

Which is your favourite film from the list? Have you any must-see movies to add?

*This is a collaborative post

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  • Donna

    Written on 14th June 2016


    I was nodding along the whole way through! I love all of these and can’t wait to introduce the kids to the ones they haven’t seen yet x

  • Kim Carberry

    Written on 14th June 2016


    Ohh! Yes, these are great choices.
    I’m so glad you said the old version Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I can’t stand the Johnny Depp one.
    We love Mary Poppins. We always end up having a sing along. hehehe

  • The hippy christian mum

    Written on 17th June 2016


    I’m not the only one who was terrified by the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the chocolate factory then! My 6yr old loves the Croods “Release the baby” has become a bit of a family catchphrase in our house. Great list.

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