2015 Interior trends

Jewel tone inspired 70s decor

Our recent house move took months to complete and in those months I decorated and redecorated the new house (hello Pinterest) more than once.

The reality is we’ve done very little since we moved in. A few alterations to make the garden safe for little Rose and a new wider decked terrace area now spans the entire property (imagine a tree house in the woods) but nothing at all has been changed with the decor inside.

Jewel tone inspired 70s decor

There are a few reasons for this; one is because we are having building work done and it seems pointless to decorate and as it’s our forever home I want to get it perfect. I’m looking at decor that is modern, yet timeless but still on-trend because at the moment I am living in a time warp!

Recently Carpetright contacted me to work with them and it really inspired me to take a look at some of the latest trends. Here’s my list to get you started if you’re thinking about decorating too:

Interior trends 2015 

  • 2015 is the year for a 70s colour palette and retro patterns. Think exciting colours such as jewel green, orange and turquoise. Make a statement with bold animal images on the walls: think leopards and zebras. (you can do without the lava lamp though,that can stay in the 70s)
  • Moving on to the 80s era with pastel shades, pink flamingos and green palm trees-this isn’t for me as I lived the green palm tree wallpaper trend the first time around and it wasn’t updated for a good 20 years!
  • Neutrals and greys are increasingly popular these days. I always love a neutral background as it can be jazzed up with splashes of vivid colour that can be switched around at minimal cost.
  • Bold colour and pattern mixing is increasingly more in Vogue. This is how I wish I could live my life but I fear I am not quite trendy enough to get it right. However, I do think it works brilliantly in a toddler’s room and so I will probably do this for Rose, mixing bright primary colours with some funky prints.
  • Still on trend for 2015 is laminate flooring. I especially like the very dark wood flooring which can be made affordable by using a quality wood affect laminate. It looks amazing with bright furniture and a huge rug to finish off the look. Far easier to keep looking nice when you have small children and for me is always preferable to carpet in the main living areas.
  • Warm colours are making a come back. I’ve been through countless glossy magazines and noticed lots of olive green, aubergine, rust and dusty green. Try a dynamic pairing and team warmer colours with a patterned floor, I think it’s a match made in heaven!

Dynamic pairing inspired room with tartan floor

How about you, have you redecorated recently? Which interior trends do you like?

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  • John Adams

    Written on 18th September 2015


    Not decorated recently…but new kitchen going in this November providing us with the excuse to redecorate the house (….after five years of abuse from the kids!). Loving the idea of warm colours, not so keen on replicating the 70s or 80s although I am getting increasingly keen on antiques.

  • mummy tries

    Written on 18th September 2015


    Have to say hon, if my house looked like that I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to decorate anyway. Your garden sounds gorgeous, and I just know your forever home will be perfect once it’s all done up xx

  • Lori

    Written on 19th September 2015


    I love, love, love, love the blue walls. Love them. What do you call that color blue? (I actually do want the name on the paint can if you don’t mind. I think my new office will be this color. :-)

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