5 Must-Have Lamps for Your Family Home

Lighting is a must, but also a brilliant way to illuminate rooms, opening up spaces and making areas looking bigger than they are (even the messy kid’s rooms). Lamps that are neutral in tone, with a simple and natural design easily incorporate into any room. From ceiling to wall, and hanging to pendant lamps, the options are endless. Here we explore 5 must-have designer interior lamps that your home simply needs.

#1 Black and White Design

Black & White lamp

Artemide’s Vigo hanging lamp offers a sophisticated and minimal option, using black, white and translucent materials. By using bold lamp designs you can create a wow-feature whilst letting the item complement the surroundings. Neutral tones work well with a number of interior designs and blocked coloured living areas – perfect for the kid’s room.

Using soft backgrounds and sustainable textures in your room really brings the different design elements together. The lamp epitomises modern luxe in an understated way.

#2 Create the Mood with Atmospheric Lighting



This beautiful Rea wall lamp by Neil Poulton creates soft dispersed light that can really set an intimate mood. The weeks may be filled with packed lunches, school runs and homework, but it’s important to take a step back and spend some quality time, be it alone or connecting with your partner once in a while.

Available in different sizes, this lamp offers lighting that highlight areas of your room great for illuminating dark spots such as hallways and corridors. They also provide atmospheric lighting which is a wonderful way to capture the mood.

The round, stylish design devoid of wires and fussy fixtures help to limit the amount of possible accidents children may have with the lamp. This lamp offer stability due to the bottom half being directly fixed onto the wall, minimizing mishaps in the home.

#3 Ceiling Lamps with Gentle Light Beams


The Fabbian Jazz LED wall/ceiling lamp casts two opposing light beams, one wide and one narrow on the wall or ceiling. The glass can be rotated to create different lighting effects, ideal for bathrooms, small rooms and play areas.

Children (and parents) really love ceiling lamps that cast gentle lighting as it helps the bedtime transition that little easier, while still being bright enough to get their favourite bedtime story in.

These easy to fix lights are practical solutions for your child’s room illuminating spaces whilst also offering a soft lighting option.

#4 Beautifully Crafted Lamps


Fabbian’s Lamas LED table lamp by Lagranja Design comes in a clean white polycarbonate. The light passes through the blades casting soft shadows on the surrounding areas. Supported by three feet in Toulipier wood also allows the lamp to be a sturdy staple for a coffee table, desk or bedside stand.

The designer lamp is a beautifully crafted statement lamp. Its soothing shape and subtle blades are reminiscent of shells or waves harking back to nature. This lamp complements any room, working best with calming colours such as blue, beige and pastel shades.

#5 Colour Table Lamps


Fabbian’s Beluga Colour table lamp from Lampcommerce is a popular option among many homes. Not only does it brighten rooms with focused lighting, it’s ideal to place on bedside tables in the kid’s room, providing great lighting for story time. Coming in a variety of different colours including green, blue, yellow and red, it’s a favourite with the little ones. This understated lamp combines well with natural elements in the home such as wooly cushions, textural rugs, tapestries and wooden elements.

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