52 Healthy Weeks | 4/52 and a confession

It’s time to link up with 52 Healthy Weeks! Tell me what you’ve been up to? Did you achieve everything you wanted or was it more difficult than you expected? For me I am on a bit of a downer this week…

I have been forcing myself to go out running, in the freezing cold and rain. I have actually got to the point that I dread it and have started to hate it. Maybe I’m just not a runner? I simply can not get the bug. I’ve decided to defer my half marathon place until next year. The reality is 7 weeks (with just over 4 to go) is just not enough time to build up to that sort of level, when you’re starting from almost zero.

I feel really upset and annoyed about it. There are people that are thinking ‘we knew she wouldn’t do it’ they are right and that’s what’s upsetting me the most. I feel as though I’ve really let myself and everyone else down but I just can’t do it.

This doesn’t mean the end of 52 Healthy Weeks though! I’ve been doing spin classes and working out with Mr T so I’m still very much in the healthy zone (just not of the running variety!)

I hope those of you reading this don’t think I’m a massive loser for not being able to do the half marathon but I thought it best to admit defeat now, sad as that makes me I’m also a little relieved as well.

Do link up your healthy posts and join me on this journey-whichever way it takes us all. Let’s help each other by motivating one another and sharing tips. I would really love to hear what you’re all up to!

This week I’m linking up my post about pre-workout protein shakes. What will you share?


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  • Cerys

    Written on 29th January 2015


    Only you know whether you can run the half marathon or not, who cares what others think. I don’t think I would have done it either if I just had 7 weeks prepare. Enjoy your spinning classes and working out with Mr T! If it helps, I’ve been setting my alarm on earlier this past week for a morning workout before the kids wake up…pah! Have pressed snooze every single morning! X

    • Amy

      Written on 29th January 2015


      Aw thank you hun, that does make me feel a bit better lol! I am gutted but I know my limits, doesn’t mean 2015 is not going to be my ultimate fitness year though :) x

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