52 Healthy Weeks | 1/52

So, this isn’t so much a New Year’s resolution post as it is my commitment to staying healthy for the next 52 weeks (and life beyond that) and I thought by turning this into a weekly linky other like minded people could link up and share their healthy experiences from the week.

For probably the last 5 years now I have been complaining about the way I look, that I’ve put on weight and can’t seem to get back to that elusive size 10 that I once was. At times I have felt envious of my eldest daughter, 14, with her flat as a pancake stomach and tight skin and lamented that once (not so long ago) this was me and will it ever be again? Well not if I don’t get up off my plump backside and do something about it, it won’t!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not hugely overweight and I know that for some people their weight is an enormous struggle. But I am not comfortable in my own skin and I am most certainly not the woman Mr T married and I know he would never ever love me any less for my rounded-ness but I want to do this for me and what I really want to be most of all is healthy. Healthy and fit. At the moment I weigh close to 11 stone and am a good size 14. I would like to weigh 9 stone and a size 10 which is what I was when I got married in 2005. I want to teach my children to be happy with themselves. I also want to set them up for a healthy and active life where they know how to cook a meal from scratch and are content that they have been kind to their bodies.

Fit is the new skinny and with that in mind my ultimate fitness is my goal. Around September last year I embarked on a bit of a health kick-to lose the last of the dreaded mummy tummy from having Rose. I *was* doing really well, I was committed, started juicing, was doing a spin class 4 times a week as well as sessions in the gym, and felt and looked good. I lost momentum and the weight crept back on. The less strict I was with my diet the fuller-figured I became. The less I exercised the less I wanted to. It’s a self-perpetuating circle. So in the spirit of the new year and new beginnings I’ve decided to really do it this time and I suppose my documenting it here (I’m hoping) it will be harder for me to slip up and back to my old ways.

This weekly linky is a place to share healthy diet tips, exercise regimes or anything to do with leading a healthy lifestyle. It could be healthy meal choices or an outdoor adventure with the kids, a weekly trip to the swimming pool or a bike ride. Anything that says this week I’ve stayed on track and been healthy and I feel better for it!

I have lots of things planned for the upcoming weeks including:

  • half marathon training-I signed up for the Bath Half which takes place on March 1st 2015 back in September but as yet have only been on one outdoor run, I may have gone mad eeek! (runners advice welcomed, please)
  • a 3 day juice detox
  • raw foods and paleo snacks plus recipes to try
  • a pre work out shake to increase energy levels
  • my weekly exercise routine
  • my workout wardrobe

Lately with it being Christmas I have eaten far too many Quality Street and Lord knows by 4pm I need a snack to keep me going. My contribution for this week’s link up is one of my favourite recipes for when you need a chocolate fix and you need it now type of moments.

I really hope that you will join in with me, share your tips and advice and that it can be a resource for anyone who needs a bit of a kick up the bum to lead a healthier and happy life. Don’t forget you can share old or new posts, and it doesn’t have to be every week-we are all human and we all have our off days. Let’s help and inspire each other and do this together!

What will you share?

Mr and Mrs T plus three

Mami 2 Five

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  • martyn

    Written on 2nd January 2015


    Great Link up to start the year. Will definitely help to motivate each other. Am looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts.

    • Amy

      Written on 4th January 2015


      Thanks Martyn-looking forward to hearing more tips from you. You have certainly done fantastically to keep yourself motivated and I need some of that!

  • Katie

    Written on 7th January 2015


    This is a fantastic idea for a linky! I’ll keep it in mind if I have any posts that fit. Good luck for the Bath Half!
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars

    • Amy

      Written on 7th January 2015


      Thanks Katie-hopefully I will be able to do it. The rain is not helping my training!

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    Written on 8th January 2015


    […] When I do shop in Aldi I always check out the baskets of stuff down the centres of the aisles to see what goodies they have. We all know Aldi is brilliant for bargains and I’ve found some really cool stuff over the years, from winter jackets when it’s cold to sandals in the summer, I also really love their skincare range. When Aldi got in touch to ask if I’d like to preview and try some of their sportswear, it was as if they had read my mind (or my blog!) and knew I was on a super duper health kick see (52 healthy weeks) […]

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