A beautiful print on wood from WhiteWall

Sisters in a field of lavender print on wood made by WhiteWall

I adore taking photographs and I am constantly snapping away to share snippets of our lives either here on the blog or Instagram. The problem with sharing online is that it is often short lived with the images I take having a shelf life and being replaced daily by new ones.

I don’t always get the time to print my photographs but it is something I want to do a lot more. If you are a regular reader here then you will know that we had a particularly special photo shoot at the lavender fields last summer. It really was the perfect day in the most divine setting and I managed to take many pictures that remain my favourites to this day. Not only am I taking a photograph but, more importantly, I am capturing memories that I want to be reminded of often.

We are midway through completely renovating the new house and the master bedroom is almost finished. I really wanted something special to adorn my crisp new decor and as luck would have it I was contacted by WhiteWall* who asked me if I’d like to have one of my treasured images made into a photoprint on wood. I knew immediately which photograph I would choose and predictably it is of my girls sharing a beautiful sisterly moment at the lavender fields.

The ordering process was simple, I logged on to the website and decided which size I wanted. I went for the 45 x 30 print on wood, a new product that has just been launched by WhiteWall. I’ve had canvass before but wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I uploaded my image without any problems, the software will warn you if the image isn’t high enough resolution to print at the size you require which is excellent for peace of mind. The last thing you want is to purchase a print that has become pixelated.

My package arrived after a couple of days and I was excited to see how it looked. It is an amazing quality print that I can not fault at all and the wood offers a completely different look to standard canvass. To describe, I would say it’s more polished than your standard print and has a contemporary feel. Perfect for my new bedroom.

What do you think?

Print on wood by WhiteWall

An awkward angle but I wanted to show you the depth of the wood…

WhiteWall print

I am very impressed with the quality of print from WhiteWall. At £36.95 I would have expected it to be more expensive than it was for this size and the fact it is wooden rather than canvas.

What sort of photographs do you print, would you go for a wooden piece like this one?

*I was gifted with this item from WhiteWall

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