A Rose by any other name…a serendipitous encounter

A picture of a Rose

A few weeks ago I was sitting on a bench outside our local shopping mall I had stopped to give Rose a sandwich before we headed home as it was nice weather for a change.

There was a woman parked in a car close by who’s teenage daughter I watched get out and run on into the shops. The lady sat in her car for a while and then got out and came and sat beside us. We got chatting and it transpired that her daughter’s new phone, a Christmas present, had stopped working and she had gone in to get it fixed while Mum waited.

All very normal and ordinary.

We talked further and she asked how old my little one was and did I have any other children, so I told her I did and then returned the question, as you do.

The lady told me she had six children, five living and one in heaven; her oldest son had tragically died in a car accident just over two and a half years ago.

And then it dawned on me that I knew of her son and the accident.

My husband owns a building firm so we know lots of other builders in the area. They are quite friendly with one another and pass each other work from time to time. A couple of years ago two young lads were killed in a car accident not far from where we live and having known them my husband had asked me to go and take some flowers to the place where they died as a mark of respect.

I remember it vividly because I was around 8 months pregnant at the time. I pulled my car up opposite to the lamp post the boys had crashed into, dashed across the road and tied our bunch of flowers next to a dangling pair of boxing gloves and the many other flowers that had been left.

I explained to the lady that my husband knew her son and his friend and that I was so very sorry for her loss. She seemed to take great comfort in knowing that my husband knew her boy and asked me all about how they knew each other, what my husband does for a living and had he ever worked with her son and so on.

Just as I was about to leave she bent down and stroked Rose’s cheek and pressed a 50 pence piece into her chubby little hand, saying to her ‘what’s your name?’

‘Dose’ she replied.

‘It’s Rose’ I told her.

She said someone had left a beautiful bunch of yellow and red roses at the roadside where her son died but she never had the chance to thank them.

I told her it was me that had left the roses that day.

At which point she completely broke down sobbing, telling me when she was sitting in her car something was urging her to get out and talk to me. That she was just so drawn to me. She explained that she visits her son’s graveside daily and that she feels he is with her always.

Call it what you will, a serendipitous meeting, a massive coincidence or maybe, just maybe it is something completely unexplainable.

Whatever it is, it completely stopped me in my tracks.

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  • Leigh - Headspace Perspective

    Written on 23rd January 2016


    What a wonderful touching story, lovely Amy. I can well imagine how much the roses means to that mum, and how much the conversation you has with her will have meant, too. To know that her son is cared about, remembered. That he matters to others, too. Made me feel a bit emotional xxxx

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 24th January 2016


      Oh Leigh, I hope it hasn’t upset you? I had to share I was just so blown away by it. I phoned Justin after to tell him and I couldn’t get my words out, it was such a strange thing to happen but really special at the same time. Thanks for reading and commenting xxxx

  • Kara

    Written on 25th January 2016


    Oops should not have read this at work as I now have tears, thank you for sharing, this gives me so much comfort, I am not religious but I am a believer in higher beings who control our world, I think this shows that, it shows how your lives were supposed to cross and how I am sure you made that lady feel so much brighter that day xx

  • Kate Tunstall

    Written on 25th January 2016


    How beautiful. Life occasionally throws these serendipitous encounters our way, and if we’re open-minded enough, we’ll see them.

    I’m sitting in a cafe, and moved nearly to tears, so thanks for that! Mwah xxx

  • Katy

    Written on 27th January 2016


    I’ve burst into tears reading this Amy. I believe in fate and you were always meant to talk that day. That poor poor woman x

  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 12th March 2016


    What a lovely story. I wouldn’t have thought for a second that it was anything other than coincidence but it’s so sweet that the lady took comfort from it.

  • fridgesays

    Written on 17th August 2016


    Since our little princess flew away I have had many experiences like this. You made her year my lovely x love this

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 17th August 2016


      Oh my goodness, I am so sorry about your princess, thank you for sharing. This was one of the most surreal and profound experiences of my life, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it now. Thanks for reading x

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