A walk in the woods with Trespass

Fur trim hood on women’s Trespass jacket

According to my husband we have had a very mild winter. I’m not sure I completely agree with that but considering he works outside I suppose he is hardened to the adverse weather conditions. At the weekends, we always go for a walk, rain or shine, sleet or snow. It’s our thing. Obviously, I’d prefer to go out walking in warmer climes but as we live in a country where the weather isn’t always forgiving I try to make sure we are dressed appropriately for our winter walks.

A winter walk in Trespass jacket

I’ve managed to collect quite a few jackets over the years but I usually find I need to size up in order to fit several layers underneath to prevent the cold getting in which can get uncomfortable. I was recently sent the Ladna women’s down jacket from Trespass to try out. I’ve never actually had a down jacket before and I would liken it to wearing an extremely stylish sleeping bag in jacket form!

Trespass women’s jacket

This jacket is so warm I actually had to keep asking the rest of the family if it was cold, I kid you not! There is some really clever technology going on inside this jacket as I wasn’t too hot but couldn’t feel a hint of cold, I was just right. The jacket is light to wear and you can order true to size and just wear your regular clothes underneath, there’s really no need to layer up, comes in beautiful colours too and has a lovely fur trim around the hood keeping it up to date with the trends.

Fur trim hood on women’s Trespass jacket

It’s made with 50% down and 50% feather wadding which means it stops the cold air from getting inside and keeps you warm. I’ve been wearing it all the time, not just for walks but for those times when I have to leave the house really early in the morning, you know those mornings when you just can’t face going out to de-ice the car before the school run? Well, this is the perfect jacket for that. It reminds me of the type of jacket all the New Yorkers were wearing when we visited one snowy winter and those guys really know how to handle the cold.

Lana women’s jacket from Trespass

As you can see I got quite muddy on one of our walks, I popped the jacket into the washing machine when we were home and it came out as good as new, it didn’t lose its shape and dried really quickly overnight.

If you’re looking for something stylish yet incredibly practical then look no further than the range of women’s jackets at Trespass. I don’t think you’ll be complaining of feeling the cold again!

*this jacket was sent as a consideration for review, all words are my own

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  • Lucy Melissa Smith

    Written on 23rd February 2016


    Ooh this is gorgeous, you look stunning!
    I definitely need a jacket like this so I’ll be having a look at Trespass for sure, I’ve heard such good things :)

  • New Mummy Blog

    Written on 23rd February 2016


    That looks like a brilliant jacket, perfect for most weathers and definitely for your weekend walks. I have a ski-jacket that’s my go-to for walks, but I often think I need a decent looking jacket too! I do love Trespass and have one of their lightweight jackets for when it’s not freezing out. x

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