Aldi Specialbuys; Coffee capsule machine plus milk heater and frother

Coffee capsule machine and milk brother for barista style coffee from Aldi

You guys know how I love an Aldi Specialbuy! Well, you can’t really get more special than one of my very favourite things – COFFEE. I bloomin’ love the stuff. It’s not unheard of for me to drive completely out of my way just to get my mitts on a freshly brewed cup whilst I am out and about. That can get so expensive though can’t it?

When we moved into the new house, I said to Mr T that we must get a coffee machine when we do up the kitchen. Until now I had been managing with a really old fashioned pot that you add fresh coffee to and put on the stove. Really nice, but so time-consuming and I just don’t have the patience for that first thing. So instant it was – I actually buy my instant coffee from Aldi, it’s the one called Alcafè, which is the cheapest one you can get and speaking as a bit of a connoisseur it’s really good and I would buy it over named brand.

Aldi special buy Coffee Capsule machine and milk frother

I did have a coffee capsule machine many moons ago which was well over £150.00 but I couldn’t get over the slightly plasticky taste that it gave off, that and the capsules were super expensive so we sold it and went back to the aforementioned pot or instant stuff.

Aldi offered me the chance to try out their coffee capsule machine and a milk heater and frother both of which are a fraction of the cost of what you would expect to pay for similar items available on the market. I’ve never been disappointed with a specialbuy and was interested to find out if the machine lived up to my exacting coffee standards.

First thing I notice is how slimline it is, amazing for space saving or just those of us that don’t like to fill the kitchen worktops with a load of gadgets (I totally would do this by the way but Mr T is not keen on clutter so has to rein me in) The coffee machine itself has a 0.7 litre water tank and is Nespresso compatible. I am yet to try out actual Nespresso capsules in it because I can’t find them anywhere, so far I’ve just tried the Aldi ones which were £1.79 for ten. Hello, bargain coffee! They come in different strengths of which I bought strength 8 and 9 (both are labelled as being intense and strong) I couldn’t taste a difference in strength but they were both strong enough for me – I like proper coffee and none of this wishy washy stuff!

An espresso made with the Aldi coffee capsule machine

Coffee capsule machine features
  • Detachable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Removable 0.7 litre water tank
  • Auto-drop system
  • Flow metre

The coffee machine makes really nice coffee, I really like it. It’s neat and compact and looks great I will definitely use it every day. The milk heater and frother does exactly what it says, I’m not really into milky coffee but it makes a really nice looking drink and is good to have the option there for guests.

Milk heater and frother features
  • Cordless jug
  • Heats milk to approximately 65°C
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic switch off and anti-leakage system

My only complaint if I am being picky is that the coffee capsule machine only fits the very small espresso type mugs but I guess that is all part of the compact design. What I have been doing is making an espresso and then tipping it into a bigger mug and using the milk frother to make a full-sized version like a proper barista!

As always Aldi have nailed it on design, usability and quality. You simply can not go wrong with an Aldi specialbuy and this is an incredibly affordable way of enjoying decent coffee without having to leave the house.

What’s not to love?

The Coffee capsule machine and milk heater and frother are available in store now.

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  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 14th March 2016


    Well that sounds fabulous! I can’t stick instant coffee, I make filter coffee instead. We do have a coffee machine which I love but we don’t use it anywhere near as much as we should.x

  • David @ MilkFrotherJudge

    Written on 20th July 2016


    I think this is a great coffee inspired gift is a great idea. I ‘m not a big coffee lover , my mother is huge fan of coffee . As a good gift giver, I can probably expect a few good cups of coffee brewed in return.

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