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When I do shop in Aldi I always check out the baskets of stuff down the centres of the aisles to see what goodies they have. We all know Aldi is brilliant for bargains and I’ve found some really cool stuff over the years, from winter jackets when it’s cold to sandals in the summer, I also really love their skincare range. When Aldi got in touch to ask if I’d like to preview and try some of their sportswear, it was as if they had read my mind (or my blog!) and knew I was on a super duper health kick see (52 healthy weeks)

Of course any excuse to try out new sports gear and I’m there! A lovely parcel arrived and inside I found a pair of capri workout bottoms, a longer pair for yoga, a media armband for your mobile with headphones and a microfibre towel. I know they spoilt me!

First impressions are, the capri and yoga pants are the softest cotton ever! The capri style, pictured below are black and nice and plain which I like, I don’t need any distracting pockets or annoying seams so these are perfect. The longer yoga pants have a cut out style heel and a contrasting pale pink waistband. Again no pockets or seams and so very comfortable. The capris are £6.99 and the yoga pants are £8.99 bargain! I ran in the capris this evening and they were lovely, very comfortable and didn’t roll down.

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Now let me just tell you about the headphones and most importantly the armband, I already have my amazing Beats headphones so didn’t need the earbuds (quickly snapped up by Holly) but the armband is amazing, at £4.99 this is phenomenal value, it really is. Let me put this into perspective for you..I already have an armband that I bought for a staggering £30.00 I feel utterly robbed! The Aldi one is actually superior in that it is slightly padded and doesn’t feel tight but doesn’t slip off either. I used it on my run and my phone didn’t budge, the velcro is really strong and it fits my arm perfectly. I feel ridiculous and stupid for paying so much for my original one! If you need a media armband, for goodness sake, save yourself some cash and get yourself to Aldi! Ok rant, over..have a look at the photo below of me sporting my new armband and looking uncharacteristically happy to be going running!

aldi use 2

I’m yet to use the microfibre towel (3.99) but can report it is the perfect size for a spin class and Lord knows you need a towel at spin! So I am looking forward to using that too.

All in all I’m thoroughly impressed with the sportswear offerings from Aldi and I can highly recommended them for really brilliant quality goods at an excellent price. There will be lots of other items available to buy from the range including kettlebells and trainers.

On sale from NOW and available while stocks last, so be quick!

*I was gifted these items in exchange for a review which as always, is honest and in my own words


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