Alfresco living made easy

Alfresco living, perhaps more easily achieved in a country that has consistently good weather, unlike good ‘ol blighty – unless you make the most of your outside space by adding a conservatory, of course, which is exactly what we do. Not only do conservatories add valuable living space, they also add value to your home and help you can live the alfresco lifestyle without actually having to be outside braving the elements.

Project renovate kitchen is well underway in our household and we are currently deciding where best to put a conservatory as we had one in our last place and got so much use out of it.

Before we moved to our forever home, we had a kitchen/diner in the middle of our property which meant hardly any light, in fact, it was practically cave-like! It was a bit of an in-between room and housed all of our office stuff as well as my piano which meant no usable space to entertain or live comfortably, being a family of five it often felt as though we were living on top of one another. The solution was to add a lean-to conservatory to the rear of the house and it’s the best home improvement we made. Having heard the feedback from potential buyers when we went to sell,  it was obvious that the extra living space made our home more desirable.

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With three children – two of which are already mini adults – that extra space was essential, it meant that everyone didn’t have to be in the same room at once and there was a nice little corner where Rose could have all her toys out without cluttering up the rest of the house. The conservatory was used far more than any other room and was a lovely place to go and eat dinner and for Rose to play in while I pottered around the kitchen.  We didn’t even need planning permission to put ours up and it saved us loads of money rather in comparison to what an extension would have cost.


Because a potty is the best place to sit, obvs.

A lean-to is an excellent option if you’re already short on space, they are typically rectangular in shape and let in loads of light. Ours had huge windows and PVC panels at the bottom, the windows had fitted blinds which kept the conservatory at a nice even temperature all year round. We used it so much we even had Christmas dinner in there one year as it was the only place in the house we could fit the Christmas tree!

With our new house, we have the space to go a bit larger this time. I’ve been having a look at Albion Windows and in my dreams, I’d have a glass extension with a pool, well a girl can dream, right?!  I think we’ll probably go for the Orangerie style which sounds a bit posh but basically means there is more brickwork involved, which would be in keeping with the style of our house. We would use it as an extension to our dining room and bring the outside in for true alfresco style living (despite the British weather!)

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  • Plutonium Sox

    Written on 30th June 2016


    I’d love to get some sort of a permanent structure that allowed me to be shaded from the sun to work, sheltered from the rain but still outside. I guess maybe a summer house or something? Working outside from my laptop would be a dream!

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