The baby diaries-hospital bag checklist

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I’ve already covered the top pregnancy symptoms as well as surviving pregnancy itself in ‘The baby diaries’ so next up is labour. Anyone who’s given birth will tell you that it probably hasn’t exactly gone to plan so rather than concentrating on the big day I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of items that you might need for your hospital bag.

For you

  1. a bag big enough to fit everything in, obvs!
  2. hospital notes and birth plan
  3. comfy clothes such as leggings and a loose t shirt to lounge in before you get changed into your nightgown
  4. a cardigan-it gets cold in hospitals
  5. socks/slippers-see above
  6. a nightgown or big t shirt to give birth in
  7. a bikini top if you’re having a water birth
  8. a dressing gown
  9. a hairband, my hair really annoyed me during labour and I felt better once I’d tied it up
  10. lipbalm, you’ll probably get dry lips if you use the gas and air
  11. moisturiser in case your skin gets dry
  12. a cooling face spray- I got so hot!
  13. a magazine/book/charged kindle-for all the waiting around
  14. massage oil-make your partner useful!
  15. your phone and a phone charger-you’re going to want to take some selfies and have a camera on hand at all times
  16. change for parking
  17. change for the vending machine
  18. snacks for energy during labour and something to eat for afterwards-you will deserve some chocolate :)
  19. drinks, I have never been so thirsty in all my life!
  20. toiletries/hairbrush/toothbrush etc
  21. maternity sanitary towels
  22. BIG pants
  23. a maternity bra and breast pads
  24. some going home clothes
  25. ipod and speaker-nothing like a bit of mood music for lifting your spirits or relaxing you
  26. I would also suggest your partner take a change of clothes and some toiletries to freshen up

For baby

  1. 6 vests, various sizes (tiny baby and newborn)
  2. 6 sleepsuits (as above)
  3. 2 cardigans
  4. 2 hats
  5. scratch mittons
  6. 3 muslin cloths
  7. a baby towel
  8. small pack of newborn nappies
  9. cotton wool
  10. snow suit if it’s cold
  11. a blanket
  12. car seat-practice putting it in and out of the car before hand

Did I forget anything? What were your essential hospital bag items?


The List

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