The baby diaries-pregnancy symptoms

I’m not pregnant! But, as I’ve had three beauts of my own I thought I would share a bit more inside knowledge on the subject. They do say you should write about what you know so I’ve decided to start ‘The baby diaries’ series and thought I should start at the very beginning; a very good place to start (sorry, now you’re singing)

  • Just feeling pregnant-now this I can relate to. When I got pregnant with Lewis. I distinctly remember my body not feeling like my own and having a weird feeling that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.
  • Feeling sick and nauseous-I’ve had sickness in the early stages with all three of my pregnancies. It’s the type of sicky feeling that won’t go away even if you eat something. This starts pretty early on with me probably from about 5 weeks pregnant and lasts until at least week 12 (lucky me)
  • A peculiar smell-I got this with Holly. I could constantly smell something odd and food smelt funny/off as well. I also couldn’t bare the smell of men, so if I was in a shop or something and I could smell a man’s aftershave or deoderant it would turn my stomach. I still can not stand the smell of Joop! to this day.
  • Changes to boobs-yep, not only were mine MAHOOSIVE every time I got preggo, they resembled a road map because they got so veiny and were really sore and tender for the whole of my pregnancy. Particularly with Rose. Oh the joy.
  • Headaches-luckily I didn’t suffer with this affliction but I know friends that have. Could be down to dehydration also.
  • Fatigue-I got extremely fatigued every time, so this is a big tell-tale sign for me. Your body is working hard so it’s no wonder that tirdness kicks in pretty early on.
  • Food aversion or cravings-When I was pregnant with Lewis I was going through my ‘vegetarian phase’ but lord knows all I wanted to eat was bacon sandwiches, needless to say my carnivorous tendencies retuned and have never left.
  • A missed period-seems obvious but with Holly and Rose I had some spotting quite early on which could have been mistaken for a period.
  • A positive pregnancy test-I’ve taken many tests over the years as Mr T and I tried to get pregnant for a really long time before it actually happened. With Rose I used a sensitive early pregnancy test and got a positive result 4 days before my period was actually due. Needless to say I took another 137 tests just to be sure (not really but I’ve done a lot of weeing on sticks!)

Linking up with the lovely girls, Aby from You Baby, Me Mummy and Hannah from Mum’s Days for the list.


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  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 14th January 2015


    Fab post huni! I went off tea, can you imagine! The horror, for my whole pregnancy I couldn’t drink a drop of it and I am such a tea addict. Smells would make me feel and be sick! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    • Amy

      Written on 15th January 2015


      Oh goodness YOU went off tea Aby, I don’t believe it! Isn’t it weird what our bodies put us through!? xx

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