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Ok, so now you’ve got over the initial shock/excitement of discovering you’re pregnant (read more about signs of pregnancy in my last ‘baby diaries‘) It’s time to think about surviving pregnancy. I don’t know about you but I have met women who say they’ve never felt better, more sexy, happier when pregnant but for me I found it jolly hard work! Here’s a few tips to help you through those tough few months.

  • Eat little and often-morning sickness can continue way after the first 12 weeks and you may not feel like eating a big meal as your bump starts to grow. It can feel as though your internal organs have shifted up a notch. Eating small but frequent meals can help control your blood sugar and curb the sickness, without making you feel unbearably full.
  • Rest-not as easy as it sounds if you have other littles to take care of, but if you haven’t and get the opportunity to rest and slow down then take it. Your body is making another person and that is going to take it’s toll. Make the most of being able to have a rest before baby arrives and you never sleep again (just kidding, they sleep after a few years!)
  • Try not to worry about putting on weight-you will put on some weight, you’re pregnant now cut yourself some slack. If you can’t relax on the old diet when you’re pregnant then when can you? Obviously don’t stuff your face at every opportunity but take it easy on yourself and indulge in a few cravings.
  • Moisturise-buy a nice body butter or oil and rub it on your tummy every day. The more supple your skin is, the less it will stretch and that means fewer stretch marks.
  • Understand your hormones-you will probably be feeling like a hormonal wreck, sometimes anxious and upset about the smallest thing. Worrying and feeling self-doubt is completely normal. Try and find someone that you can confide in and talk through your concerns with instead of internalising them and keeping things to yourself. A problem shared is a problem halved applies here.
  • Don’t get hung up on old wives tales-such as only being ‘allowed’ to lie on a particular side, or not to take hot baths, or go anywhere near a microwave. Obviously exercise caution but having a hot (not scolding bath) will not do you or your baby any harm.
  • Get a body pillow-it will be the best thing you invest in. I didn’t have one for my first two pregnancies but did with my third and sleeping comfortably when you’re 36 weeks pregnant is bliss. Worth every single penny.
  • Ignore strangers-people say the weirdest and most inappropriate things to you when you’re pregnant. It might be a snarky comment about your weight or the good old breastfeeding/bottle feeding debate. They start asking probing questions as to what you’re planning to do, then lecture you as to whatever their opinion is, the list goes on.. It’s one thing I’ve noticed and has really annoyed me with all three of my pregnancies. It’s like the rude filter is not working. If you’ve been pregnant or are pregnant you will know exactly what I mean! Which leads on to…
  • Taking a compliment-when your husband or Mum or best friend or Bob from down the road, tells you that you look beautiful and are glowing. Even if you don’t feel like it, take the compliment. This is your time to shine and there is something so special about someone expecting a new life so enjoy the attention as much as you can.
  • Don’t over plan-obviously it’s good to plan ahead, get your hospital bag packed etc but be prepared for the unexpected to happen when it comes to your birth plan. Try not to get too hung up or stressed on the details as situations change or you might decide to do things differently at the last minute.
  • Do not listen to birthing horror stories-we’ve all had to give birth, whether it’s been a natural delivery or forceps or caesarean. You will encounter women who want to give you their birthing experience down to every last gory detail. Don’t listen to them! You will be fine.

How about you, what are your tips for surviving pregnancy? Have I forgotten anything?


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  • Louise

    Written on 16th January 2015


    Great tips, would definitely agree with most of them especially the buying a pregnancy pillow – made sleeping so much more comfortable. Ignoring strangers and not listening to birthing horror stories is also very good advice.

    • Amy

      Written on 17th January 2015


      I feel cheated I didn’t have a pillow the first two times. It was a God-send last time! x

  • Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    Written on 18th January 2015


    great points , i also have three children and totally agree about the pregnancy pillow and wish i had used a one with my first as it was the only way i could get any sleep with my third. xx #TheList

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 19th January 2015


    Fabulous tips! At the end of my pregnancy I had to sleep on an airbed on our mattress with a body pillow, thanks to my knackered pelvis! Thanks for much for linking up to #TheList huni xxx

  • Alison

    Written on 19th July 2015


    Great read! The last point might actually trigger their thoughts about the horrors of delivery, but I have to agree that they must not listen to those who share every bit of it and think that they will be fine like the others. At the end, everything’s worth it. :)

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