Beautiful and memorable gifts from Getting

Ever since the day Rose was born I’ve become a little obsessed with buying her things with her name on. There’s just something so nice about having an item personalised, it makes it so much more unique, turning items into lovely keepsakes and giving an extra special touch.

It was Rose’s 4th birthday a couple of weeks ago and Getting very kindly sent Rose a few items from their beautiful range of children’s gifts. When Rose’s giant unicorn arrived in its big box I couldn’t resist taking it out for a squeeze, it’s so plush, cuddly and soft and makes a wonderful companion for children of all ages. I was really excited for Rose to open the unicorn on her birthday, I had to use quite a bit of paper to get it wrapped up, it’s 60cm in size! Rose’s face was an absolute picture when she opened the giant unicorn and she was thrilled to see the words ‘I belong to ROSE’ beautifully embroidered on the unicorn’s tummy.

Personalised giant unicorn from Getting

He – and I say he because Rose has declared it so – is mainly white with accents of pink fur and a sparkly silver horn. Rose is totally obsessed with the magical unicorns on her favourite TV show Mia and Me. Rose has named her unicorn ‘Ongchau’ after one of the unicorns on the show and told me she even dreams about unicorns sometimes. I really love how toys can bring a child’s imagination to life!

Personalised giant unicorn from Getting

Because of its size, the unicorn sits really nicely on top of Rose’s dolls house, he’s a bit like a very friendly guard that watches over the rest of Rose’s toys. He has mostly ended up perched on her bed at night though, and he’s handy to lean against as a super comfy pillow when Rose is watching movies in her room. The unicorn really does make the most special birthday gift and will be a friend for years to come.

Getting Personal also sent along a beautiful ceramic money box that says ‘Rose’s magical money jar’ on it. It was quite funny because Rose knows that Justin keeps change in a pot in his wardrobe, it went missing and we couldn’t find it anywhere until Rose told us (quite innocently) that she’d put it all inside her new magical money jar! So that’ll teach me for giving a money pot without a few pennies inside, won’t it?

personalised money box from Getting Personal

Lastly, to make Rose’s bedroom feel extra special we received a personalised room sign, in the shape of – you’ve guessed it- a unicorn! I love that it’s orange and adds some brightness to Rose’s room the minute you walk through the door. She’s been asking for a room sign for absolutely ages and is so pleased she finally has one, and in her favourite character too!

Rose had such a wonderful birthday and has really been enjoying playing in her bedroom with all her new things. Thanks so much to Getting Personal for sending us out such wonderful keepsakes. The Getting Personal site is gorgeous and there are lots of personalised gifts to choose from and such a fantastic selection for children. I was having a look earlier and there are so many good ideas for all special occasions such as birthdays, wedding or christening presents. Do check them out if you want to make a gift memorable by personalising it, Getting Personal come highly recommended from me (and my unicorn mad toddler!)

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