Beautiful Tenby

This weekend we decided to go and stay overnight in Tenby. Lewis has a job now (yay-go Lewis!) so he stayed behind but Mr T, the girls and I headed off on Saturday morning.

We arrived and immediately checked out our hotel which, considering we booked last minute was absolutely lovely and overlooked the bay on the north side of Tenby.


seals on caldy island

On previous visits we’ve been on a couple of boat trips out to Caldey Island to see the seals but considering Rose has never been on a boat before we thought she might like to go. This was a bit of a mistake as she was quite scared, it was a very very choppy ride out to the island with whooshing winds and a lot of sea spray and noise. Poor Rose spent the whole time buried into her Daddy. Luckily the skipper of the boat had a spare jacket that we wrapped around her and over her head and she actually fell asleep in the end. We all got completely soaked especially Holly who had chosen to sit right at the front! It was brilliant fun and we managed to see lots of seals and wildlife which was exciting for all.

Holly on the boat

We had supper in our favourite Tenby curry house and then took a walk on the beach just as the sun was setting. It is so very beautiful right there on that beach, a magical place.

Holly on the beach

We all shared a family room which was nice and roomy with a double bed and two singles-although I knew Rose would end up in our bed and even Holly did too in the morning!


All in all a wonderfully relaxing weekend spent watching my girls playing and enjoying each other’s company. I do love to watch the blossoming relationship between them, despite the age gap they’re close as can be. Rose looks up to Holly with such adoration and is always trying to copy her it’s a beautiful thing to watch.



I made a little video with some footage from our stay and the seals on Caldey Island. Hope you like it!

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