Beefeater Emerson’s Green Bristol Review

Last Saturday we were invited to try out our local Beefeater restaurant. We eat out most weekends and so accepting was a complete no-brainer, us Treasure’s like our food!

On entering the restaurant we were greeted quickly and with the most lovely warm and welcoming smile from whom I am assuming was the restaurant duty manager, Sophie. We were seated straight away at a really nice table, the restaurant itself has a clean and modern decor.

Once seated it was then that I realised I had made a bit of a blogger faux-pas in forgetting the vouchers we had been issued to buy our meal. What an idiot! I had to quickly explain to Sophie what had happened and it was then that she realised we were there to review the place. I never normally announce that I am a blogger and like the idea of being incognito-even if it is just for a restaurant review…anyway, Sophie was marvellous and called her manager straight away to see if we could eat and then drop the vouchers in later. Which to my relief was agreed.

We got a round of drinks: diet cokes for Mr T and I, squash for Rose and a strawberry milkshake for Holly.

To start, as recommended by our friendly waiter we got a garlic flatbread with ham and cheese. There was plenty for us all to get stuck in and nice to have something to nibble on whilst we decided what to have for our main course.

Beefeater cheese and bacon burger

Holly and I went with the double cheese and bacon burger served with skinny chips and home made slaw, Rose had a cottage pie from the kid’s menu (which had loads of choice) and Justin, predictably went for the ribs, chips and slaw.

All meals were served promptly and the burgers did not disappoint-they are exactly what you want from a burger. Namely something so big it’s difficult to get the whole thing in your mouth without disgracing yourself at the dinner table! Justin polished his ribs off which looked and smelt delicious and Rose tucked happily into her cottage pie which she ate and didn’t throw it on the floor so I take that as a good sign!

rocky road ice cream sundae

There was the inevitable discussion as to whether we would get a pudding but Holly and Rose really wanted one so I agreed to share a rocky road chocolate sundae with Holly (for research purposes obvs.) Rose had vanilla ice cream, chocolate dipping sauce with brownies and strawberries. Pudding is my favourite part of eating out and I love a good ice cream sundae, in the words of a true Bristolian it was lush!

Rose ice cream chocolate sauce pudding

mama and holly

Sophie totted up our bill and it came to £49.98 that’s four drinks, a starter, three main courses, a kid’s meal (free on Saturdays) 2 puddings and coffee. Which I think you’ll agree is an absolute bargain.

If you go to a Beefeater restaurant you can expect fantastic quick service, a great range of hearty quality food for an excellent price.

What’s not to love?!

I would just like to add a quick thanks to Sophie: if you’re reading this, you really were lovely and thanks for sorting out the potentially embarrassing situation with the missing vouchers. I can confirm I drove home located the vouchers then dropped them off that afternoon so our meal was paid for which saved me from doing a shed load of restaurant dishes!

Thank you Beefeater for a lovely family meal.

Check out the Beefeater website to find your local restaurant and book a table. There’s free steak for the daddies this Father’s Day (21st June)

*We were gifted vouchers to Beefeater which paid for our meal however all thoughts are as always my own.

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