Bento Box ideas #2

I do love a bento box lunch, a brilliant way to try out lots of things at once and to give your toddler a chance to experiment with different tastes and textures. You liked the last bento box post I wrote where I showed you some of the things I give Rose for her lunch, so here’s a few more ideas..

IMG_3516 1

1. Pita bread and hummus. Yes it stinks of garlic but this is such a fantastic snack-full of lovely protein and flavour. Babies trying out blw can just lick it off their fingers if they can’t get to grips with the pita bread!

2. Strawberries cut into quarters. I know they’re out of season but these are British strawberries and we’ve found them particularly sweet even at this time of year.

3. These were the rather delectable lamb meatballs leftover from dinner from the night before. See my lemon lamb meatballs and courgetti post for the recipe.

4. Today’s treat came courtesy of The Fruit Factory* As you know, I’m not keen on giving Rose sweets or chocolate (there’s plenty of time for that!) but I’m happy to include a healthy snack like this to go alongside Rose’s main lunch. We were sent a fantastic selection of things to try from The Fruit Factory which included fruit stars (would be great for decorating fairy cakes) fruit strings, strawberry fruit wheels (pictured) and the sports mix up (also pictured) They’re all delicious- the wheels remind me of red licorice and the winner with the kids is the sports mix up which I’m told by Lewis and Holly taste exactly like sweets and Rose really enjoyed them too. I do keep things like this as a treat or an emergency snack in my changing bag to avoid toddler meltdowns. I would much prefer that the children enjoyed things like this as snacks rather than actual sweets. Yes they have sugar in but they are 75% fruit with no artificial colours or flavourings.

5. Cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds. Rose loves nuts and seeds obviously I watch her like a hawk while she’s eating them and she’s never had any problem chewing them. These are such a good healthy snack for toddlers.

6. Finally some cucumber and a couple of raw broccoli florets to finish off.

I would love to hear your bento box ideas and suggestions of what you give your toddler for lunch.

*pr sample


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