Bento box lunch ideas

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I love the whole idea of Bento boxes. They’re an especially good for toddlers who like to pick at a little bit of everything and a great way to introduce new tastes in a fun way.

The internet is awash with Bento box ideas but I thought I’d share the simple lunch that I made Rose today in her fabulous pink yumbox Bento box.  It’s great because it has good sized compartments and is also completely leak proof so you can even put yoghurt in without worrying it will make a mess.

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  1. Slices of avocado, cherry tomatoes and pitted green olives
  2. Greek yoghurt sprinkled with chia seeds and raspberries
  3. Small cheese sandwich
  4. Blueberries
  5. Yu! yoghurt coated mango pieces*
  6. Pom bear crisps

We were sent some samples of the Yu! snacks to try and I thought they fit in perfectly with the concept of a Bento box. I don’t give Rose sweets but she does have the odd treat every now and then (don’t we all) so these are a nice addition. I’m impressed that the new Yu! fruity chews have no added sugar and there is a really good variety of shapes, flavours and textures including mango, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and more so you’re bound to find something you enjoy. Really good to pop into the changing bag and proven to distract during major melt down situations (like we had at playgroup the other day!) Thumbs up!

I hope you enjoyed having a look inside Rose’s Bento lunchbox, I might make this a bit of a regular feature and would love to hear your Bento lunch suggestions too!


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*pr sample.

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  • Rachel

    Written on 30th January 2015


    I’ve never heard of a Bento lunchbox before but how fab. Brilliant to get a variety of things in to little ones lunch!

  • al

    Written on 30th January 2015


    I LOVE these boxes. Ted has just started weaning so your post has reminded me to get him one now for when we start introducing finger foods. Thank you :)

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 2nd February 2015


    This looks so fabulous! I wish Baby would eat things like this, she is such a pain and will hardly try anything. Thanks for linking up to #TheList xxxx

    • Amy

      Written on 2nd February 2015


      I’m lucky that Rose isn’t fussy but my older ones can be so I know how frustrating that can be hun xxx

  • Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Written on 5th February 2015


    Bento boxes are ace! I did a lot of them last year (not in the lovely Yumbox boxes though) during the summer and the kids loved them. This has inspired me to start making them again. I’ve seen the Yu snacks around, and yoghurt coated anything is always popular in our home! X

  • Tanita

    Written on 22nd June 2015


    This is a great post Amy! You really have sold me on purchasing a Bento Box! I need one for me and my children! Xx

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