A birthday celebration with Craft and Crumb cakes!

Sponge cake covered with bright blue inning and a pink iced ring on top covered in sweets. Child’s birthday cake.

Today is my birthday!

I am the grand old age of 32 (whoops that’s my ‘lying’ age) I am actually 36 eeek! I only jest, I really love the age I am at the moment and the confidence and assuredness that comes with it.

I’ve had a lovely relaxed weekend and been thoroughly spoilt all week. My bestie Aby (You Baby Me Mummy) dropped me off a HUGE basket of presents a few weeks ago and I’ve had a gift a day for the last week, I honestly feel so blessed and lucky to have Aby in my life!

Craft and Crumb Sweet Shop cake

A few weeks ago the fabulous people at Craft and Crumb asked if they could send me a cake kit for any impending children’s birthdays, I didn’t have any coming up as all the children celebrated earlier in the year but I took one look at the gorgeous site and spotted a cake that would be perfect for my birthday!

And why not? I probably am a big kid at heart, in fact, I’m sat writing this whilst stuffing my face full of pic n mix (as you do). I honestly can’t think of anything better than a bright and colourful birthday cake to share with loved ones. Brilliant for children and grown ups too!

colourful and bright children’s birthday cake

I loved all the cakes available at Craft and Crumb and it was tough deciding between this one and the rainbow style, I think I’ll wait until Rose’s next birthday (she’s mad about My Little Pony) to order the rainbow cake kit and give that one a go too.

Craft and Crumb will send you everything you need to make a spectacular birthday cake, with full instructions detailing each step which enables you to make something fabulous: home baking made super easy.

I really like the concept as (and you might not believe me) I’ve never actually attempted a ‘proper birthday cake’ before. Sure, I’ve made a victoria sponge and shoved a few candles in but I’ve never made anything like this because I thought it would be too much faff.

Turns out it was very simple to follow the step by step instructions and I’m so pleased with the overall result.

Sponge cake covered with bright blue inning and a pink iced ring on top covered in sweets. Child’s birthday cake.

The Sweet Shop design is made up of two large sponge cakes plus 5 cupcakes that make up the pink iced circle on top of the cake, I made the sponge in advance and left it in the freezer for about a week so I could ice the cake on a separate occasion to baking it which cut down on any potential stress!

Birthday/celebration cake covered with blue and pink rainbow coloured icing and sweets

The icing was a lot easier than I expected as it was buttercream so it spread well. I know it’s not perfect and I did rope Justin in to help at one point (well he does work with a trowel and cement as a builder!) the kit came complete with all the sweets you can see on the cake (the rest were from a pic n mix Holly bought me) so I stuck those on and it looked great and covered up any shoddy icing.

The marshmallow swirls on sticks turn the cake into a showstopper centrepiece.

Birthday cake with marshmallow swirls on sticks

As you read this I’ll be tucking into my birthday cake, which will taste even better than a shop bought one because I made it! I do recommend you pop on over and check out Craft and Crumb there are so many amazing cakes to choose from, you can really impress your guests at your next celebration.

Let me know what you think in the comments, would you use a cake kit like this?

A bright and colourful birthday cake perfect for a children’s party centrepiece. Easy to make with two sponges sandwiched together and a ring of iced cupcakes and Pic ’n’ mix sweets to decorate!

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