Birthday gift guide for a four year old

Birthday gift guide

Last week Rose celebrated her fourth birthday! I can hardly believe she’s four already, it seems like only yesterday I was wrapping up a pink little bundle and carrying her in my arms. How time flies. Rose has been asking if it’s her birthday at least once a week since Christmas, excitement for her big day at fever pitch for months. We had a lovely party at Jump, an indoor soft play centre in Bristol, lots of her friends came to wish her a happy birthday and Rose was beside herself when she was led into a room with a life-sized throne to sit upon.

I’ve put together a gift guide showing the presents Rose received for her birthday. We didn’t want to shower her with lots of things that would only be played with for five minutes and then forgotten, instead, we incorporated a few items that she needed and also toys that will last for the next couple of years and beyond.

Four year old birthday gift

Giant Personalised Unicorn from Getting Personal

Rose absolutely adores this giant unicorn from we love all thing personalised and Rose gets really excited when she sees something with her name on. It’s nice because quite often we see things in the shops that say ‘Rosie’ instead of Rose so it’s so lovely to have the option of having whichever name you choose. We also received a door name plaque as well as a keepsake money box, both of which are personalised too. I’ll be showing those in another blog post in a few days.

Kiddie’s Kingdom 

Owl and Pussycat table and chairs from Kiddie’s Kingdom

We were desperate for some new furniture for Rose’s treehouse, I really wanted a wooden table and chair set for her and found this Owl & Pussycat set available from Kiddie’s Kingdom. I love that it’s pink but not too cutesy, it fits perfectly in front of the window so she can sit at the table and look out. The treehouse has been Rose’s favourite place to play after school lately, especially since all the sunny weather we’ve been having. I’m going to write a blog post about the treehouse, as Justin worked so hard on it and now it’s finished I can show you all how it was made, so look out for that coming soon.

Treehouse in a forest garden

Ollie & Leila

Ollie & Leila Bedding

I love to give the kids a mini bedroom makeover when they have a birthday. Like I said, I think it’s important to give something they need as well as things they want on birthdays. Rose was thrilled to discover her brand new embroidered bedding set from Ollie & Leila, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Ollie & Leila have a wonderful selection of children’s bedding with a mixture of fabulous colours, applique and patterns.  Choose from hearts, stars, ginghams….it was hard deciding which one to get but I hope you’ll agree the butterfly design looks beautiful. You’ll just have to pretend you haven’t noticed the peeling wallpaper right next to her bed!!

Kurio World

Kurio 2 Tab

Over the last few months, Rose has become a bit obsessed with watching her iPad or my phone, especially at bedtime and on car journeys. While I don’t have a problem with Rose watching her favourite shows I’m not 100% keen on her being glued to a mini-tv and zoning out. I came across the Kurio 2 tab and I instantly knew that Rose would love it because it’s a handheld device, that has (parental controlled) internet access and is also packed with apps and games for her to play. There are lots to choose from; Rose’s favourites are the colouring games and ones where she has to sort things into different categories, identifying words and colours etc so she’s learning and playing all at the same time. I will go into more detail about the Kurio 2 tab in another post because I have loads to say about it. So far, it’s been amazing and Rose has been asking for it instead of insisting on watching TV!

Little Baby Company

Princess mouse and the pea Little Baby Company

Rose adore imaginative play, she’s constantly making up play scenes and scenarios in her bedroom. She was really delighted to receive this beautiful Princess Mouse and the Pea playset from Little Baby Company. It really is absolutely beautiful and looks so pretty on the shelf in her bedroom. We bought the princess and the pea book too so that we can use the playset and read the book at the same time.

Little Baby Company Mermaid cusion

We also got this gorgeous sparkly mermaid cushion to sit on top of Rose’s new bedding. She is really into magical characters and asked for a mermaid the last time we visited the aquatic centre. She was of course, delighted to unwrap this beautiful mermaid and has had a lovely time cuddling her to sleep!

Sinco Toys Wobbleez

Sinco Toys Wobbleez

Ok, how cute are these little guys? Those of you that follow me on Instagram will have seen our dog, Angus. Don’t you think the one on the right looks like he could be related?! Rose was chuffed to bits to receive these Wobbleez dogs from Sinco toys for her birthday as Angus is not keen on letting Rose walk (read:drag) him on the lead! Now she has two very obedient pet dogs that walk happily behind her. It’s seriously sweet when she asks to take her puppies for a walk. She really, really loves them, and they don’t even need batteries, they literally wobble along behind her! Available from Amazon, Smyths and other online toy retailers.

Wobblezz from Sinco toys

Hallmark Itty Bittys

Itty Bittys from Hallmark

We were sent some really sweet Itty Bittys from Hallmark, these are so lovely and a really nice item to collect (I want them all, never mind Rose!) We received the Wizard of Oz set: tiny versions of Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Wicked Witch and Glinda the Good Witch. They’re perfectly sized companions for Rose’s bedroom and now sit perched on the bottom of her bookshelves. I’ve spotted them here on Amazon, but you better be quick because I think they will get snapped up by collectors.

Jumbo Games

Peppa Pig Party Time Race Game

What’s a birthday without party games? Rose received a fab Peppa Pig Party Time game from Jumbo Games. It’s a fun and exciting game that is easy to learn and play featuring a brightly coloured and entertaining game board that Rose has really enjoyed playing with. She adores Peppa Pig (what toddler doesn’t?!) Available from Argos.

Hello Moon

Personalised poster from Hello Moon

As part of Rose’s bedroom makeover, we chose a personalised framed alphabet animal print from Hello Moon to take pride of place on her picture wall. The alphabet animals range incorporates each letter of the alphabet with an animal which begins with that letter. The Hello Moon site lets you see exactly how the print will look before you buy with their online personalisation tool. I found the ordering process super easy and delivery was very quick. I was also really pleased with the quality of the frame which matches the other sturdy wooden frames perfectly. Rose was very pleased to have a print with her favourite animal and letter on! 

Micro Scooters

Mini micro scooter

Last but by no means least, Rose received a Mini Micro Scooter for her birthday. This is without a doubt the best present she’s ever had, she absolutely loves it and has been zooming around up and down our lane every single day since her birthday. I even got one too so that we can go out and scoot together. We’ve had so much fun on our scooters, and on a recent trip to the park, I had so many people stop me to say how cool my scooter is and that it’s so nice to see a grown up enjoying one! Rose really loves the aqua colour of her scooter and, of course, the matching helmet, bell and tassels. She’s so good on hers I have learnt a thing or two and if I didn’t have my scooter I’d never be able to keep up with her. The micro scooters are Swiss designed and popular the world over having consistently been voted toy of the year by millions of parents. It’s really not hard to see why because the build quality is amazing, next time I have a meeting in London I’m going to take mine with me! I have a full blog post with loads more pictures and info plus a video showing off the micro scooters coming really soon. Our micro scooters are our new favourite toys!

Adult and child micro scooters


* Items included in this gift guide were given to us complimentary in exchange for a feature on the blog/social media. Thank you to those who participated for making Rose’s birthday extra special!

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