Bodychef diet a home delivery diet plan: week two

As regular readers will know, Im currently trialling Bodychef a home delivery diet plan company. I’m approaching week three this Friday and absolutely loving Bodychef so far. Last week I lost 3 lbs and honestly don’t feel deprived or as though I’ve been on a diet at all.

Starting weight: 10 stone 10 pounds

End of week two: 10 stone 7 pounds


This week I’ve been enjoying the Vegetarian menu with a wonderful example of this below of chickpea burgers, fresh vegetables and new potatoes. You can see how large the portions are and that you won’t be left feeling hungry.

bodychef meal

The picture below was taken at the end of last week and my jeans definitely feel looser. I will post a proper ‘after’ picture once I’ve completed my trial for a fair comparison to the picture taken at the start of the plan which you can see from my first Bodychef post here. 

selfish mother sweatshirt

I’ve definitely changed my mindset towards portion control, exercised the past weekend over Easter. We had guests over and Holly and I made the most enormous chocolate Easter cake! I didn’t want to look like a complete bore and considering I managed to survive the whole weekend without touching a single chocolate egg, I know, I know..I allowed myself one small slice of chocolate cake. Which was divine and kept my appetite satiated.


I think one of the reasons I have developed such self-control is that Bodychef doesn’t actually deprive you of anything. I have never been on another diet where you are ‘allowed’ crumpets for breakfast and pasta at tea time, and there’s always dessert. Which is my favourite…

Let’s just talk Bodychef desserts for a minute shall we? I have never in my life tasted a flapjack as delicious as the one I had last week. I absolutely commend the Bodychef chefs or shall we call them ‘food magicians’ for being able to make this morsel of food the gooiest, tastiest most delectable darn apricot flapjack I’ve ever eaten. Fact!

bodychef delivery


So roll on Friday and my new exciting delivery from Bodychef, I do take such delight in unpacking the box and oohing and ahhing over the lovely food I have to eat for the next few days. They are simply brilliant at what they do and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve eaten. The hardest thing is keeping the rest of the family away from eating from ‘my shelf in the fridge’ Oh and I had a bit of an episode last week involving a delightful chocolate pudding and near theft from my plate. Let’s just say it all went a bit Gollum.

My precious!

bodychef choc pudding

I’m currently making a video diary of some of my favourite dishes from Bodychef and having a bit of a chat about diets for next week’s write up, so do check back for that.

Until then follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates on my progress.

If you are tempted to try this for yourself, Bodychef are offering readers of Mr and Mrs T Plus Three 10% off your first order. Just enter ATDIET when you check out.

*I have been given a trial of Bodychef for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are as always my own.

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