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Amy Treasure


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I was recently asked my Bonmarche if I would like to review an item of clothing from their new collection. I have heard of Bonmarche before and to be honest I thought their clothing was probably more geared towards ladies a bit older than me. I was really pleasantly surprised when I looked at the website. They have some absolutely stunning party dresses and really nice jackets. Especially the faux fur ones which I loved!

One of the Bonmarche designers is David Emanuel, the designer of Princess Diana’s wedding dress so I am in very good company by wearing one of his styles. This animal print jumper is nicely fitted with 3/4 length sleeves. It’s perfect for me as a stylish daytime outfit. I wore it with a simple black vest underneath, navy skinny jeans  and my brown suede boots. I’m a big fan of animal print and this particular print is lovely and subtle. The jumper itself is heavenly soft-little Rose has been snuggling into me and smoothing me today! It’s a fluffy jumper but with just the right amount of fluff! I’ve found it really comfortable to wear while doing my daily chores but also felt that I was nicely dressed which is good as I do like to make an effort. The quality, as you would expect from Bonmarche is fantastic. I’m really pleased with it.

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*This jumper was kindly gifted to me by Bonmarche in exchange for an honest review

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