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These days the supermarket is not my happy place. We all know how difficult it can be-prising a wriggling toddler into a trolley, restraining them from their attempts to climb out, fearful that they will run off wildly down the supermarket aisles causing complete havoc. Only to bribe with with the sweets that you said you never would. We’ve all been there!

Anything that will make these tiresome journeys that little bit easier is welcomed with open arms. When the makers of Buddy-Box* got in touch and asked if I’d like to try a box I asked myself, will this make my life easier? The answer was a resounding ‘yes’. Today I popped my Buddy-Box into the boot of my car and off I went with my little helper to the supermarket.

My buddy box


By the time we get around to the check out she’s losing patience rapidly, this is where my Buddy-Box comes in. I quickly decant the contents of my trolley (along with the half eaten biscuits and open juice bottles) and stand the other end waiting for my goods to roll down the conveyor belt.

‘Do you need bags?’ the check out lady asks me.

I didn’t.

I swiftly place my items into my Buddy-Box and I’m away. No wrestling with flimsy, feeble carrier bags their handles threatening to snap at any moment. I quick as a flash pack my items into the box, saving me precious time and managing to evade major toddler melt down. Result!



It was also much more fun just carrying the box from the boot of my car and into the house rather than playing the ‘how many carrier bags can I carry in one go’ game.

Why oh why have I not heard of these before? And supermarkets, if you’re listening, take note and stock these in your stores. As a consumer and a Mum, I am pretty sure they would fly off your shelves, so please offer an alternative to the horrid plastic bags that take an eternity to decompose, making us pay 3 pence for them doesn’t quash that fact. My Buddy-Box is much better value than the ‘bags for life’ or those awful hessian things that barely fit a sandwich.

My buddy box close up


As you can see I got loads of shopping into my Buddy-Box with room to spare. I am so impressed with it. It has also withstood vigorous toddler testing by becoming a boat, a car and a vessel in which to drag around various teddies, other paraphernalia and even a drum. It’s seriously strong, innovative, practical and top of my priorities; time saving. Massive, massive thumbs up from me!

If you would like to get your hands on one of these fabulous boxes (and you really should) the lovely people at My Buddy-Box are offering Mr and Mrs T plus three readers free postage and packaging online at My Buddy-Box. Just use the code TREASURE when you check out. Currently priced at £14.99 and in rather lovely patterns too.

You can also connect with My Buddy-Box on Facebook or Twitter

*Post in collaboration with my Buddy-Box

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