Cakes from around the world #MarkWarnerMum

Prinjolata a traditional Maltese desert

If you blog then you will have seen a lot of entries going around at the moment for the amazing chance to become a Mark Warner Holidays’ Family Ambassador. When I looked to see the criteria for this year’s ambassador programme I was delighted to see ‘The Serious Foodie’ category.

”This is so me” I thought. I AM a foodie! In fact, we all are. We just love food, doesn’t matter what it is or where it’s from we will eat it. And what better time to try new foods than on a Mark Warner holiday?

So I thought about how I could put a blog post together demonstrating my love for food and cooking.

Around the world in 80 cakes?

No, not a university dissertation (it said so on the site) but they will be judging the entries based on creativity (I can so do this) I decided I’d pop a few of my favourite bakes in a blog post and finish with a super duper extravaganza of a dessert made especially for Mark Warner. A chocolate dessert so exciting and enthralling that the people at Mark Warner would be daft not to snap me up.

Except the grand ideas I have in my head do not always come to fruition, let’s just say EPIC FAIL (you’ll have to watch the video at the end to see why!)

Cakes from around the world

Lemon Drizzle Bundt Cake

Starting off with this beauty, a lemon drizzle bundt cake decorated with sugared raspberries and redcurrants. This is a recent bake of mine and having looked a little into the history of the bundt cake, I can tell you they originated as German Kugelhopf cakes. Apparently though, a bundt is not a bundt unless cooked in tin made in the USA, in case you were wondering.

Aerial view of a lemon drizzle bundt cake

Slice of lemon drizzle bundt cake

Raw Berry Cheesecakes

Next up are these mini cheesecakes from last summer. Made from entirely raw ingredients they are vegan and sugar-free. The flowers I used to decorate are also completely edible. Cheesecakes date back to Grecian times where they were considered to be an excellent source of energy. I quite agree!

Raw berry cheesecake

raw berry cheesecake with edible flowers

From England now with a classic walnut cake covered in white fondant icing and decorated with lots of edible flowers. This is the perfect cake for afternoon tea. I even made a two tier version for a friend’s wedding, the flowers are a really easy way to make a plain white cake quite beautiful and they photograph really nicely too.


Walnut cake

Maltese Prinjolata

A couple of months ago I made a traditional Maltese dessert called ‘prinjolata’ the name comes from the word ‘prinjol’ which means pine nuts in Maltese. The prinjolata is usually prepared around carnival time and is instantly recognisable from its unusual shape. When ready, the prinjolata is supposed to resemble a snow-capped mountain. Ta-dah!

Prinjolata a Maltese dessert that resembles a snow capped mountain Prinjolata a traditional Maltese desert

Mark Warner Special

And last but not least the ‘piece de resistance’ oh actually who am I kidding?! I really messed this one up but let me set the scene: The idea being that I wasn’t going to show you how the brownie stack with ice cream got inside the magically melting chocolate orb. Which is, in fact, an Easter egg that I had to run to the shop for as the original ‘orb’ got disastrously stuck in the chocolate mould. The horrid yellowish looking white chocolate was supposed to symbolise snow covering a melting mountain revealing the little plane and flag message inside. I had even grander ideas of making two skiing figures that I would somehow glide down the chocolaty mountain but thought that a bit too adventurous.

Shame it all went a bit wrong, in my head it was fantastic! I’m including the video footage with the sound you were never supposed to hear for added comedy value…

*This is my entry to be a #MarkWarnerMum We really are a family of foodies and would love to be considered for the Mark Warner ambassadorship, you can find out more about it here. I’ve also written another entry post as a backup just in case this one went wrong *winks*

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