Camp Bestival 2015!

Very exciting news today, the people at Camp Bestival have announced the theme for 2015: Camp Bestival goes wild!

What on earth will that entail? I hear you ask. Well, watch the video below, have a listen to the wonderful David Bellamy for a taste of what’s in store and get ready to release your inner wild thing!

2015 Camp Bestival will make you want to forget about the trappings of modern day life and get back to nature. As always there’s really cool stuff going on; music, theatre, activities, poets, healthy food and of course the famous Bollywood, The Big Top, The Greatest tent on Earth and medieval jousting to name but a FEW. You will want to get down and dirty at Camp Bestival and have fun, imaginative, whimsical, wholesome fun!

How refreshing will it be to take a break from technology and embrace nature? I for one can’t wait..

A couple of cool things about Camp Bestival selling tickets at this time of year:
1. They would make an AMAZING christmas present and something to really look forward to.
2. You could spread the cost over a 35 weekly payment plan, cut back on a few takeaway coffees, save petrol by walking the kids to school and take a packed lunch to work and you’ve already paid for your tickets and are healthier to boot!

So what are you waiting for? Follow the link below for tickets:

Buy Camp Bestival 30th July-2nd August 2015 tickets


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