My captured moment #1

As well as little Rose, I’m mama to two teenagers-Lewis and Holly. Rose happens to be my most willing subject when it comes to my photography and therefore ‘stars’ in a fair few of my posts. Especially when I link up to Living Arrows and The Ordinary Moments. Holly is not too camera shy and will let me take her picture but only and I quote ‘ when my make up is on and if I look nice’-

‘But you always look nice’ I say. Except she doesn’t listen. Teenagers.

Lewis however tends to either:

a) pull the most ridiculous face worthy of first place win in a gurning contest.


b) run and hide muttering something like ‘I don’t want to be on your blog, omg Muuuum!!’

They have both however given me permission to scour my archives and upload a few oldies. So when I saw that the lovely Heledd from Running in Lavender was hosting this linky I thought, perfect! So here we go. To kick things off with my first captured moment, this is Lewis age 8 and Holly 7 which is 8 years ago now but still seems like yesterday (sob). Weren’t they just the cheekiest twosome?


Running in Lavender

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