Celebrating 50K uploads and introducing the #LittleFierceOnes shop!

#LittleFierceOnes 50,000 uploads

I started out my blogging journey many moons ago as a beauty blogger. It was when the likes of Pixiwoo and the then Lollipop26 (now Buy Now, Blog Later) were starting out I even met them in the early days at IMATS before they catapulted into mega-stardom! The thing about the online beauty blogging community is that it’s not as tight knit as parenting bloggers.

When Rose was born I made the switch to blogging about babies and family stuff-I changed my blog name, went WordPress self-hosted and started to take blogging more seriously as it became apparent that in this new niche I might just be able to turn my beloved hobby into a career.

Fast forward a few months and I became besotted with Aby’s blog having read and consumed every single wonderful post, we struck up a friendship and Aby has since become the best friend I could have ever wished for. Not only does she help me immensely with my work she is always there as my closest confidante too.

Aby Moore and Amy Treasure

We hang out IRL when we can and over dinner one evening we hatched the #LittleFierceOnes plan with the objective of starting an online community of like-minded photographers who wanted to capture and document the beauty and essence of childhood in photographs.

Aby and Amy celebrating 50k uploads to #LittleFierceOnes gallery!

On Sunday (my birthday!) we reached the milestone of 50,000 uploads that we’d been waiting for. We had already had a photo shoot in anticipation of this exciting moment so that we could share our delight with those in the community that follow and use the hashtag.

A quick practice for Baby in prep for taking the fab picture above. We were so proud of her!

A quick practice for Baby in prep for taking the fab picture above. We were so proud of her!

I don’t think we ever imagined, whilst scoffing beef stew that night, that the hashtag would be received as positively as it has been and we are so grateful to all the bloggers, photographer, brands and regular Instagram users that share images of their Little Fierce Ones with us and have helped us to grow the gallery and the community to what it is today. We love running it you’ll continue to enjoy joining in with it.

#LittleFierceOnes 50k uploads

#LittleFierceOnes 50,000 uploads

Baby and Rose on a bench

Baby’s shocked face when Rose refused to cooperate haha!!

Baby’s shocked face when Rose refused to cooperate haha!!

These girls do love each other :)

#LittleFierceOnes tee

Celebrating 50k uploads with a #LittleFierceOnes shop

As you can see from the shots above we have also designed a Little Fierce Ones baseball tee, which are available to buy through our store on Zazzle. There are also mugs for us grown-ups!

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