Celebrating what #makemeMe with Nectar

what #makesmeMe campaign with Nectar the new and free app that rewards you


Nectar* got in touch and asked me to collect ten items from around the house that best reflect by personality, individuality and what #makesmeMe. It was brilliant fun and easy to lay my hands on ten items that best describe me.

Ten items that describe what #makesmeMe

Here’s a video explaining the reasons I chose each item and why they represent me:

What #makesmeMe ? 

My ten items:

  • a notebook
  • an Alice in Wonderland china teacup
  • flowers
  • red lipstick
  • headphones
  • piano
  • leopard print coat
  • camera lens
  • laptop
  • baking dish

A chance to be rewarded by Nectar

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For more information, visit nectar.com

Which ten items would you pick?

*In collaboration with Nectar

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  • Kate Tunstall

    Written on 6th May 2016


    Love this! I’ve not given it in-depth thought but I think it’s struggle too! Does that make me boring?! xxx

  • Briony

    Written on 6th May 2016


    Ooo I don’t know what 10 things I’d pick, definitely a pretty notebook and a fountain pen but then I’d start to struggle. I love the baking dish you picked, so pretty. #TheList

  • Carol Cameleon

    Written on 7th May 2016


    I’d absolutely love to do this, without taking too long to think about it too. I love what you’ve chosen and even through reading your blog, can see who ‘you’ they are! thanks for hosting #TheList

  • Fern P

    Written on 8th May 2016


    Lovely items, this really helped me get to know you better. I have no idea what I would pick… feeling a little lost as to who I am lately. Maybe I should try this myself.

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 10th May 2016


    Awww I love you! It did sound like you broke the tea cup though huni! Yikes! We should have done this for VlogStars! What a fab tag! xxxxx

  • Jessica

    Written on 11th May 2016


    I love this. How fun! I love a pretty planner, a good ink pen, and I always have a list! A good handbag might be in there somewhere. I’ll have to think to come up with 10.

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