Celebrating #NationalTeaDay with a Disney Toddler Dolls tea party

Tea party with #DisneyToddlerDolls

Happy National Tea Day! Who doesn’t love a cup of tea? It seems Rose has inherited my penchant for a lovely cup of char by imitating me whenever she can playing tea parties. This week we were extremely lucky to receive a gorgeous set of four Disney Toddler Dolls and a Sofia the First tea set to play with so that Rose (and me aswell!) could celebrate #NationalTeaDay in true Disney style.

Tea party with #DisneyToddlerDolls

The weather has been just beautiful hasn’t it? Being able to get out into the garden this week and play has been wonderful for Rose, especially since she was so poorly last week. She honestly couldn’t believe her eyes when we opened the package that arrived for her and found four of the most beautiful dolls inside and a fantastic Sofia the First tea set, she was so delighted.

Disney Toddler Dolls unboxing

There are several characters in the Disney Toddler Dolls collection, we received Princess Sofia, Princess Jasmine, Belle and Cinderella. They are completely gorgeous and I don’t know who was more excited; me or Rose. They all have poseable bodies and ‘royal reflection eyes’ that make them look so inviting to play with. Rose is absolutely smitten and I am too!

Disney Toddler Doll Princess Sofia with Royal Reflection Eyes


The dolls are wonderfully made and each come dressed in a lovely outfit with shoes and a crown, their hair is amazing (it’s better than mine, no joke) and their eyes sparkle. They are honestly the prettiest dolls I’ve ever seen and Rose feels like one lucky little girl to have so many to play with.

Disney Toddler Dolls, Princess Jasmine, Princess Sofia, Belle and Cinderella

A tea party with the Princess Sofia the First tea set

The Sofia the First tea set is adorable, it has the perfect sized cups for little fingers to hold and comes with a teapot that we filled with special tea (water!) there is also a little tablecloth and some pretend cakes.

Sofia the First tea set

Imaginative play is so important to the development of children and a simple game of tea parties can help  tremendously with teaching children to learn about themselves and the world around them.

Teapot from the Princess Sofia the First tea set


Using stories, made up games and props such as dolls and pretend tea sets encourages children to express, explore and work out their own ideas, thoughts, and feelings. A tea set such as the Sofia the first is an inexpensive way of providing hours of fun and learning.

Playing with the Disney Toddler dolls

We had the most delightful afternoon sitting out in the sunshine and playing tea parties. Rose really enjoyed pouring me a cup of tea, she was the perfect hostess.

So for those of you celebrating our national drink today on #NationalTeaDay, cheers!

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