Chance to win big cash with the Tengi app and chat with your mates for free!

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Tengi the messaging app with a difference, the difference being you can win cash and lots of it!

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Tengi is the messaging app that gives back!

Not only do you get to chat with your mates for free, you also get the opportunity to win cash prizes or Amazon gift codes. In fact a group of ten bloggers all tried out the app and the very lucky Donna from What the Redhead Said scooped herself a fiver in one of the draws within a couple of days!

Pretty cool huh?

The more you use the app to chat and the more people you encourage to use it, the more likely you are to win a cash prize. Now I am queen of chatting so the prospect of being rewarded for it is right up my street!

Tengi, the messaging app that gives back!

My experience with Tengi

So it’s been a few weeks since a group of ten of us all downloaded the Tengi app. You can read more about the setup process in my introductory post. Today I want to tell you about some of the things we got up to whilst testing the app out and how I found it.

We were set a couple of challenges such as fun selfies and my personal fav: telling jokes. I love a gag or three and it was fab to have a group of people on the other end of the Tengi app to make me giggle whilst sitting in the car waiting for the kids to come out of school.

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I really enjoyed the interactivity of the app and that is was incredibly easy to have a group chat without missing out on what anyone else had to say. I found the app just as good as any of the alternatives on the market.

Tengi uses advertising as a way of making revenue and of course, that’s where the money for the cash prizes come from (the big cash prize is £10,000 by the way!) I didn’t find the adds annoying at all because they are completely separate from the ‘chat’ section of the app. I always have my phone on silent too so I wasn’t bothered by notifications. I have all my social media apps on my iPhone and constantly get notifications every 5 minutes so hence the phone being on silent all the time, that way they can’t bother me or bleep at inappropriate moments like a school assembly or similar.

The app does use up battery time as any app running will, but it’s not often I am far from my charger, I have one in the car so this didn’t affect me at all.

I would continue to use the app, it does everything I need it to do: picture messaging, easy conversation, group and individual chat. Plus the chance I might win a cash prize just for chatting, well, Mr T does tell me I talk the hind leg off a donkey so why not get rewarded for it?

I think it’s a fab little app, well done Tengi!

You can download the app on the Tengi website (imagine if you won the £10,000!!)

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