Chocolate hearts in a jam jar

chocolate in a jam jar

At this time of year I like to get crafty and one of my favourite things to do is hand make Christmas presents. I really wanted to make chocolates this year so I decided to give it a go and it turned out really well..


  • Different coloured chocolate for melting (I bought my chocolate in Hobbycraft but I can’t find it online-it’s called ‘Candy drops’) I got pink, white and purple.
  • A chocolate mould
  • Non pareils (those tiny pearls to decorate)
  • A jam jar!

1. Divide colours and melt chocolate in the microwave for about 30 seconds
2. Pipe melted chocolate into moulds
3. Level off chocolate with the back of a spoon
4. When almost set scatter non-pareils on top

chocolate hearts

Leave them to set in a cool place then pop them out of the moulds. Next you can add them to your jam jar and decorate it as you wish. I finished mine off with a piece of material tied with a ‘Merry Christmas’ ribbon.

*This post is for the Jam-J Art campaign that is putting together a list of creative uses for jam jars. Why not have a go and see how creative you could be at recycling your old jam jars!


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