Christmas gift guide-one for the boys

I find the man and boy in my life quite hard to buy Christmas gifts for. A lot of the time Lewis will ask for ‘just money’ but I know he would be disappointed if he didn’t have a few presents to unwrap on the big day. Here are a some of my top picks for the teenagers in your life:

1. In Case of Emergancy Break Glass Moneybox Would be interesting to see just how long this will last. He can save it for when he’s a student and desperately needs a tin of baked beans or pot noodle or something.

2. As if any lad needs encouragement to be ‘a bit more becks’ This David Beckham Homme aftershave actually smells really nice and is a bargain for 75ml. Plus he might be needing it to go on a date during the half term and will need to smell nice! This along with the ubiquitous lynx will be sure to keep him happy.

3. Probably the best idea to let him chose his own computer game and give a gift card. You will only end up buying him a nice game you *think* he will like but really the one he wants involves pretending to be an assassin in Italy or car thief for the whole of the Christmas period.

4. This one ties in nicely with the aforementioned gift card. If you have a computer mad kid like mine, then you’ll have come up trumps with this. Lewis would absolutely love this RC-3 gaming chair not only is it really stylish but connects straight to the tv for the best audio gaming experience. It even has LED lights underneath, now that’s cool. Oh and it folds away too!

5. A lottery ticket. You can even buy it from the corner shop on Christmas eve. An easy peasy present that always goes down well. Just make sure you have a percentage stake claim if they hit the jackpot!

6. Something like this will go down well for when the after lunch boredom sets in. Granny’s still eating her Christmas pud so he can’t be rude and retreat off to his bedroom just yet. You will probably want to play this Paladone tertis light game more than him in order to relive one of your favourites from the 80s.

7. A christmas jumper for all those lovely family pics. Who doesn’t love a nice Christmas jumper? There are loads around as always but this particular one from River Island is in the fashionable fairisle knit that will still be trendy next year, and the next, and the next..

8. There must be sweets at Christmas, they must be allowed to be eaten at breakfast time and they have to include Jelly Beans. Enough said.

9.Guinness World Record book 2015 I have been buying these for Lewis every year since he was little so he has quite a collection now. I actually love that he still stands in the kitchen-while I’m sweating over steaming pans and reads me out a few of the amazing facts and (mostly weird) records that people have broken in the last year.

10. Absolutely no chances of getting away with not having a few ‘useful’ presents chucked in such as, pants, socks, new toothbrush, pens, calculator and this handy organiser. He loves it really!

Hope this has given you a few ideas. What do you buy your teenage boys?

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