Christmas gift guide-stocking fillers for Her

Stocking fillers for Her ideas

I thought I’d start my series of Christmas gift guides with stocking filler ideas for ladies. Some of these are a bit on the pricier side so would serve equally well as ‘main presents’ but this is my dream stocking so hopefully Mr T is reading this…

1. As it’s the holiday season it’s a nice excuse to relax and do a bit of reading, a good book or kindle download make a great addition to any stocking. I’ve chosen ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn but of course there are thousands to chose from so check out what your partner’s been reading and maybe buy something from her favourite author or the next book in the series.

2. Chocolate in a stocking is a given and as it’s Christmas make an effort and chose luxury chocolate over the regular run of the mill stuff. The lady in your life will definitely thank you for it, and see you’ve made a real effort. Godiva chocolates are melt in the mouth perfection, there’s a good selection of white, dark and milk chocolate and a cute little knitted stocking inside her stocking-what’s not to love? Divine!

3. Next is my favourite lip product of all time; Dior lipglow. This is a ‘colour awakening balm’ and it does exactly that. It is the ultimate your lips but better and I’m probably on my 8th tube of this, that’s how much I love it.

4. I adore perfume, it’s probably my favourite Christmas present and one that Mr T does a good job of getting right every year (usually because he asks in advance what I’d like!) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is my signature perfume.

5. ‘Smellys’ should be in every stocking if you ask me and you can’t go wrong with a box of goodies from Lush. Usually Mr T will give the older kids some pocket money to buy presents with and as they’re so reasonably priced I usually end up with one of these sets and they’re already wrapped so a time saver too!

6. If you want to score some serious brownie points and your other half has asked for pyjamas then look no further than the delight that is Hush pjs. These are the ultimate in cotton pj sets. I haven’t looked back since I got my first pair a couple of years ago they are the comfiest, softest pyjamas in the most gorgeous prints I’ve ever had the pleasure to sleep/lounge around in. Let’s face it, it’s Christmas and hopefully you will be doing lots of lounging!

7. A nice pair of slippers especially ones trimmed with fleece or faux fur. Those added touches make them look all the more appealing. These ones from next are lovely but there are so many slippers to chose from and they’re easily picked up from most stores or even the supermarket.

Next up stocking fillers for Him…


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