Christmas gift idea with So Just Shop

A beautiful Azra silver beaded bracelet from So Just Shop

I have a beautiful piece of jewellery to show you today from So Just Shop an online place to buy beautifulqualityhandmade and ethically sourced products. Not only is this bracelet exquisite, it has a story behind it, which makes it even more special.

So Just Shop are true champions of women, bringing together, working with and supporting wonderfully talented, women-led artisan businesses from all over the world.

A beautiful Azra silver beaded bracelet from So Just Shop

The woman who made this bracelet has had the skills to do so passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps most importantly she was paid a fair price for her work which enables her to support her family and to build a brighter future working her way out of poverty. Isn’t that just brilliant?

This Azra silver bracelet, is a beaded wide cuff style made with an ancient Indian knotting technique and filled with rough handmade silver metal beads. I think you will agree, it is absolutely stunning.

Handmade and bespoke items from So Just Shop

A piece like this really makes the most precious gift, I am becoming increasingly conscious of where products have actually come from, who has made them and if they were produced under good working conditions. It was really humbling to read the story of the women who actually made it, I love that this bracelet is completely unique and totally handmade, a bespoke item with a cultural twist.

Unique Christmas gift giving ideas

There are so many gift ideas to choose from at So Just Shop so if you are considering buying a gift for your loved one that is different from what the high street has on offer then you really needn’t look any further. I am positive you will find something perfect.

A beautiful beaded bracelet handmade and ethically sourced

*Thank you to So Just Shop for sending me something so beautiful to review

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