Coloured glassboard by Teacherboards review

Before we moved into the new house I was quite plain in my decorating choices, I would shy away at boldly coloured accessories but the more I get into designing the interior of this house the more I am drawn to bright finishing touches that make a statement.

I was recently offered a magnetic glassboard from Teacherboards, there are a variety of colours to chose from, I was quite taken with the green but in the end settled on the sunshine yellow colour and I am so pleased that I chose it. I’ve decided to use my magnetic glassboard to make my office space more cheerful and I must say I feel jolly grown up (and organised!) having a noticeboard.

First impressions are that the glassboard comes really well packaged and is the perfect size for a noticeboard. Plenty of space to pin all your important notes and to grab a marker pen and write notes that are easily wiped away.

The entire back of the glassboard is magnetic and the board itself is made from reinforced safety glass. It comes with a fixing kit which looks straight forward to fix it securely to the wall. Magnets and marker pens are available to buy separately from the Teacherboard site. We haven’t actually fixed ours to the wall yet as we are waiting for the office to be re-wired, which is annoying but means I get to redecorate, with my glassboard as the focal point next to my desk. Having the board in yellow has helped me decide on the accent colour of my office in an otherwise neutral space.

teacherboard 2

At the moment our glassboard is propped up against the wall and the kids have been writing me sweet little notes on it which is cute! I can’t wait to fix it in my office and plan to pin some inspirational quotes and favourite photographs to it as well as the other important information I need all in one place. I’ve already found that by having the notice board right there in my office has made day to day life more organised-when I think of something I really need to do , I jot it down on the board and rather than it being forgotten it’s dealt with quickly as I can’t miss it right there in front of me!

Stylish, practical and an inexpensive way to add a trendy, colourful addition to any space. These boards would work in kitchens, offices, and I can see them making the perfect addition to a teenager’s bedroom to help with organising homework and a place to showcase photographs and the other things teenagers collect.

It’s a really fantastic product and comes highly recommended from us!

Check out the Teacherboards site to see their fab range of products in a variety of colours and finishes.

*we were gifted the Teacherboard in exchange for a review

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  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 12th October 2015


    This looks great, such a stylish alternative to a dry wipe board xxx

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