Crafts for Toddlers-edible jelly finger paints

jelly finger paints

Today we did some crafts outside in the garden to make the most of a rain-free afternoon. This is a really cheap and easy craft to do with your toddler and really fun. Finger paints are great fun but with little ones I find edible crafts and paints are the way forward! Jelly finger paints are a great way of exploring art, along with a wonderful sensory experience enjoying the tastes, smell and feel of the jelly.

To make our jelly paints we poured different flavour sachets of sugar free jelly into our little pots and added hot water from the tap-just experiment with how much water you need to add and get your desired consistency. A quick stir and you and your little one are ready to get painting. Easy as that.

toddler playing with edible finger paints

I spread out plenty of paper and encouraged Rose to use her fingers to paint a picture. She inevitably tasted the paint of course, but quickly got to grips with spreading the jelly onto the paper. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

tasting edible finger paints
finished painting
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