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On Sunday 21st of June it will be Father’s Day. This year the kids and I set aside some time to go online and chose photos of them and their Dad. I don’t feature in this book at all which I don’t mind as I think it’s a really nice testament to what a lovely Daddy Mr T is.

photobox 2

photobox 4

Sadly we were burgled a few weeks ago and we have lost many of the pictures that were stored on a laptop that was taken. The ones we’ve lost were mainly from when the kids were little which makes me really sad. I know I need to do something about where and how I store my pictures and it makes me all the more keen to print them off and display them somehow.

Luckily my laptop wasn’t stolen and so the children went through all the pictures I have and we managed to find lots of good ones for the book. Both the older children picked a few of their favourites to include and with a little help even Rose chose her best ones which was really sweet. This book is a wonderful reflection of the lovely times that the children have all shared with their Daddy.

photobox 6

Lewis chose mostly pics of himself and Mr T on the beach and in the sea while Holly picked a couple of sweet ones of the two of them at a party and on a bike ride. Rose’s contribution was of her and Daddy reading a story together and riding on her Daddy’s shoulders (which is her favourite form of travel!)

photobox 5


The photograph below shows the one of Rose having fallen asleep whilst having a story read to her. At the time I didn’t tell Mr T that she had gone to sleep and he continued to read to her as I quietly snapped this lovely moment on my phone. It makes it all the more sweeter that Holly had earlier in the day drawn some whiskers and a nose on her face. It’s moments like these that we want to remember and treasure forever and I can’t think of a nicer way than in a lovely photobook.

Daddy reading Rose a story

It was super simple to put the Dad Book together, we made a folder of all the pictures we wanted to include and then it’s just a case of opening up the online software and dragging and dropping the pictures into place. You can choose if you want a single picture on each page, a collage or a combination of the two. The possibilities are endless. You can even chose to add borders in different colours or add lettering. It’s a very interactive process and very easy and straightforward.

As soon as we had sent the order I had an email to say our book was being made and then a couple more emails telling me which stage the book was at. Delivery was super quick with a 4 day turnaround.

I’m delighted with the quality of the pictures, they look good enough to go in a frame on the wall. We chose the extra special high gloss paper which makes the book look amazing quality. I’m not sure what the difference would be if we had chosen the standard paper but this looks so good I would recommend spending that little bit extra.

photobox 8

This is such a beautiful keepsake and I know Mr T will be chuffed to bits to open it on Father’s Day, the children have each written a little message inside the front page and on a few of the other pages next to their favourite photos which is a lovely personalised touch that I know will be appreciated.

I’ve had a few things from Photobox now and the quality really is superb. If you are thinking about making a photo gift for a special Daddy this Father’s Day then check out Photobox and their range of Dad books. They come highly recommended from all of us!


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  • Karen (@karenjwhitlock)

    Written on 12th May 2015


    Sorry to hear about the burglary :-( Gutting that you have lot those precious photos.
    The photo book is such a great idea. I keep meaning to do some of these for all our baby photos. Really must make the time to do it.

    • Amy

      Written on 12th May 2015


      Thank you Karen, it is losing the photos that has hit us the hardest. So grateful we had them split on two laptops but just wish I’d stored them safely :-( it is fantastic, really good price too! x

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