Date night: a cookery class at Bordeaux Quay

In a couple of weeks, it’s Rose’s 4th birthday. I can count on my one hand the number of times Justin and I have been out as a couple since the day she arrived. Of course, couple time is so important but it’s one of those things that as the years have gone by we just haven’t got around to. We are both so busy working full-time and running a household and that together with the fact I continued to breastfeed Rose well into her toddler years made it difficult to make time for each other.

There was a time when neither of us could have faced going out in the evenings after a long day but finally, after 4 years of having a little one around our life has become much easier. I’ve spoken before about the whole family having an exercise and diet overhaul and it has really made such a huge difference to everyone at home. Keeping on top of our health is a major part of this; Justin and I religiously take Swisse Ultivites for a much-needed energy boost, it’s just one tablet a day with all the vitamins you need that are tailored individually to women or men. We also take the magnesium which is brilliant for a restful night’s sleep and helping to keep you energised throughout the day. It really is true when people say if you look after the inside you will feel good on the outside too.

It’s been so helpful having Swisse Vitamins nutritionist Rick on hand to give us help and advice concerning our diet. I don’t think we ever ate poorly as I have always cooked every meal from scratch, but having the imagination to come up with different meals that everyone will enjoy is hard work. We arrived at the cookery class last night and one of the first questions the chef asked was what sort of food we cook at home. I simply replied “mum food” and it’s true! Spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne, roast dinner and homemade curry being the favourites in our house. I have fallen into the routine of cooking the same sort of food and I do think we could be even healthier.

I really believe that the key to living a healthy life is about balance. We aim to eat as well as possible throughout the week which means we are able to enjoy a few treats at the weekend. After a conversation with Rick, he suggested I keep a food diary and encouraged me to focus on cooking seasonally and making a shopping list and menu at the beginning of the week is a really easy way of keeping on track. Swisse Vitamins really endeavour to support people that want to live a healthy lifestyle. Of course, a healthy diet is part of this and I have definitely noticed that the healthier I strive to be the happier I feel. I’ve mentioned before that working with Swisse Vitamins and including the vitamins as part of my family’s routine helps me to keep the status quo by encouraging everyone to be healthier and happier in all aspects of our lives. A cookery class was a brilliant option because although I feel I am an accomplished cook, a nudge in the right direction and a few pointers on how to make the right choices is never a bad thing.

Bordeaux Quay is situated on the waterfront which is one of our favourite areas in Bristol. I was so looking forward to a night out with Justin and we felt like a young couple again as we walked across ‘lovers’ bridge’ with all the padlocks. And as Justin took my hand I thought how lovely it was not to have to slow down for a small person toddling along behind us. I didn’t even feel selfish for thinking it!

There were only three of us booked onto the cookery class ‘Honestly Healthy’ which was nice because it meant the chef had plenty of time to demonstrate the dishes we were about to cook and answer any questions we had. On the menu was oven baked heritage tomatoes with a homemade harissa paste. We made polenta cake served with seasonal asparagus and wild garlic. The favourite of the night was a butterbean, onion, garlic, and chilli dish served with steamed kale. The chef showed us how to make an incredible dressing from olive oil, garlic, chilli and anchovies. We made each dish ourselves and then proudly showed them off before eating every morsel. It all tasted wonderful and it was great to learn some new skills from an obviously brilliant chef.

Bordeaux Quay Honestly Healthy cookery class

I’m so glad we went out as a couple last night, Justin called me this morning to say what a lovely relaxed evening he’d had and we both agreed we should make time for each other, just the two of us, much more often.

If you’re in Bristol and looking for a different type of date night then I would highly recommend the relaxed atmosphere at Bordeaux Quay cookery school.

You can see the full range of Swisse vitamins available exclusively at Boots (I’ve just noticed they’re 3 for 2 at the moment!). Find out which Swisse vitamins I take and why.

*I am a working with Swisse Vitamins this year as part of their #SwisseFamilies campaign. Thank you to Swisse Vitamins for sending us out to the class for the evening, it was brilliant!


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