A day out at Thorpe Park

Vortex ride at Thorpe Park

Last Sunday we all got up at 6am, packed our stuff into the car and headed down the motorway towards Thorpe Park which is conveniently situated just 20 miles from Central London. To say the big kids (Mr T included!) were excited is an understatement. They were beyond thrilled when I was made an ambassador of Thorpe Park and the build-up to the actual event the night before was lovely, with us all chatting about which rides we would go on first and who was going to chicken out in the queue to Stealth!

Stealth at Thorpe Park


We arrived just before 10 am collected our passes and then through the gates and over the bridge we went. It was a preview day for annual pass holders and although the tickets were sold out it didn’t seem busy throughout the day at all, and all queues were bearable. I have been to amusement parks in the past and seen the dreaded sign flashing ‘2 hours wait’ and just given up, so thankfully there was none of that. To be honest, if it had been that busy then I would definitely consider buying fast track passes for the absolute ‘must do’ rides as patience is not one of my virtues!

So the big kids ran off as soon as we’d crossed the bridge with the promise that we would meet up some time before lunch. They basically didn’t want to be stuck with their parents and little sister and I can hardly blame them because there is so much to do and so many awesome rides to experience.

The beach huts at Amity Beach Thorpe Parl

Amity Beach

Mr T and I headed off to Angry Birds land in search of rides suitable for an almost three-year-old. We tried the dodgems first but Rose wasn’t big enough, so we made our way around to the teacups and she still wasn’t big enough! We had a bit of a panic thinking we’d driven two and half hours and hyped the day up to her and now she wasn’t going to be able to have a go on anything. Our fears were very quickly allayed after chatting with a couple of members of staff who said she looked big enough for ‘Depth Charge’ this gigantic waterslide that you ride down in a rubber dinghy type thing. Off we went, fingers crossed. There was quite a climb up the steps and about a 15-minute wait for me at the bottom, looking up and praying that I’d see Mr T and Rose at the top of the ride and not coming back down the steps.

Finally, I saw them whooshing down the slide in their dinghy. Hooray! This meant Rose was the required 0.9metres high and that she would definitely be allowed on a few other rides – plenty it turned out as we did a couple of them twice.

Depth Charge ride at Thorpe Park

Depth Charge

Depth Charge ride in action at Thorpe Park

The rides suitable for a toddler (0.9m high) at Thorpe Park are:

  • Depth Charge
  • Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride
  • Zodiac
  • Flying Fish
  • Rumba Rapids
  • Angry Birds 4D experience
  • Rocky Express
  • Wet, Wet, Wet

Wet, wet, wet was closed so we couldn’t take Rose on that one and I had a look at Zodiac and decided it looked a bit much for her but she loved the Flying Fish which is a proper roller coaster and even sent my tummy into knots but she absolutely loved it and was shouting ‘WOO HOO’ the whole way round she was so brave, it was hilarious and I adore that she is a little thrillseeker.

Detonator ride at Thorpe Park


We met up with Lewis and Holly who had been on Detonator, Saw, Vortex and Slammer. Didn’t they do well! We all had a really wonderful lunch as guests at Finn’s restaurant. We all went for the burger and chips except for Mr T who likes to be different and had fish and chips. The burgers were enormous and delicious it was a really lovely meal and the staff were super friendly.

Meal at Finn’s Thorpe Park

Speaking of staff everyone was so incredibly helpful and nice. It always makes my day when the staff go out of their way to ensure you have the best time and I couldn’t fault the service around the park at all, we were all so impressed.

Next, Mr T took Rose off on the more sedate rides whilst Lewis, Holly and I went on a few of the big ones. I really wanted to go on Stealth but it shut due to technical problems just as we got to the end of the queue. Sad times! Undeterred we rushed over to Nemesis and had a couple of goes on that. There is something so thrilling about Nemesis, I love the way your legs hang down in the air, just dangling,  it really makes the ride for me and of all the theme parks I’ve ever done I think this is probably my favourite ride of all time! I also really enjoyed Quantum, photographed below.

Quantum Thorpe Park


We walked past what will be the park’s newest attraction: Derren Brown’s Ghost Train which all looks very exciting and mysterious from the outside. I can’t wait to go back and try it out and have a feeling it’s going to be very popular indeed. I can only imagine what’s in store if Derren has designed it and I think it will be as much of a psychological experience as a physical one.

We ended the day with Rumba Rapids and were very glad of our Thorpe Park ponchos or I think we would have been a bit soggy on the car journey home.

Thorpe Park Ponchos

Ponchos. Standard!

We had an absolutely brilliant day as guests of Thorpe Park and stayed until the sun started going down, I don’t think the kids wanted to leave at all really but we will 100% be back again soon.

Vortex ride at Thorpe Park


You can still buy your annual pass which makes visiting the park incredibly good value. Don’t forget Derren Brown’s Ghost Train opens on 6th May and you can guarantee your seat by buying an annual pass. The demand is going to be high! See you there?

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  • Laura @dearbearandbeany

    Written on 22nd March 2016


    Sounds like you had an awesome time! So, pleased Rose was able to join in and you found rides suitable for her. Such a shame you didn’t get on stealth, it’s brilliant!! You will have to do it first next time :-) xx

  • Simi

    Written on 22nd March 2016


    Love Thorpe Park, you must go back especially if you live in London as its ’round the corner’ if only to go on stealth. Missing theme parks majorly at the moment, cannot wait to discuss them on my blog right now I will just have to stick with beach and city travel with a 14 week old bubba on my blog http://similindgren.blogspot.co.uk
    Thank you x

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 22nd March 2016


      I’ll definitely go back for Stealth and Ghost Train when it opens, I am really gutted we didn’t get a go on Stealth! Beach with a 14 week old doesn’t sound too bad! x

  • Plutonium Sox

    Written on 22nd March 2016


    Ooh I’m really glad I read this. Thorpe park was on our list of places to go this year but Lia definitely won’t be big enough to go on much at all so we’ll put our visit off until she’s bigger. Great review, thanks for the info.

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 22nd March 2016


      Oh definitely wait until she’s at least 0.9 Nat, we had such a panic thinking Rose wasn’t going to be able to go on anything it would have been so boring for her and disappointing if she wasn’t tall enough! x

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