Desert Island discs

dessert island discs

I saw this tag ages ago on my lovely friend Aby’s blog-You Baby Me Mummy. I remember thinking at the time I must join in with this tag and then forgot all about it. I was making a play list this week which reminded me-better late than never!

Music is a huge part of my life. I have been playing the piano since I was young. Sitting down and playing my piano gives me a chance to relax and destress and I always get such a sense of achievement ‘conquering’ a new piece. I have a very eclectic taste in music from classical to jazz to pop. I also adore musical theatre and opera.

Here are my top ten Desert Island Discs:

  • Hotel California by The Eagles-I love the dark intensity of this song and the ominous lyrics, I think it is probably my favourite song in the world and I always stick it on and have a bit of a kitchen disco to it.
  • Mr Bojangles by Nina Simone-This one takes me back to my childhood, I remember my sister loved Nina Simone and I pretended to like her too because my sister was cool and I wanted to be her! I find this song sad to listen to but it also makes me smile when I think about watching my sister listening to it, sitting on the windowsill of her rented flat, blowing her cigarette smoke out of the window and just looking so beautiful.
  • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen-If I ever get asked that time machine question at a dinner party I always say I’d go back in time to a Queen concert. RIP Freddie you legend.
  • Mr Brightside by The Killers-This one reminds me of rocking out in the car with Mr T we both really like The Killers and I also have this one on my running playlist.
  • Love Goes Down by Plan B-We took the older kids to a Plan B concert a few years ago. I knew his music from the charts but wasn’t a huge fan. It absolutely poured down and we were soaked but it was one of the best nights of my life. We had such a wicked time as a family, we all danced together and wore those disposable rain macs and it was brilliant. I am lucky to have been to a few concerts in my time but I have never been to one where the artist has been literally note perfect on every single song. Ben Drew is such an unbelievable talent and his voice is amazing. This song gave me shivers and I love the lyrics. Oh and he waved to me FOR REAL!
Getting soaked at a Plan B concert

Getting soaked at a Plan B concert

  • Beethoven’s Piano Sonate ‘’Mondschein’’ 1st movement (otherwise known as Moonlight Sonata) I first heard this piece of music when I watched that famous ‘hobbling’ scene from the movie Misery. I wasn’t very good on the piano back then and this is a piece that made me want to learn to play better so I could master it. If you don’t know which film I’m on about (gah! you must be young) Here’s a reminder for your viewing pleasure!…

  • Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones-man I love this song! The Stones are just the epitome of cool aren’t they? Enough said.
  • I’ll Be There by Mariah Carey-Mariah and Whitney were my era, I grew up listening to Mariah back in the day before mobile phones, when we had walkmans and hired tapes from the library! Her voice is beyond immense and gives me serious shivers. I adore this song and it takes me back to a more carefree time.
  • Come What May by Elton John- but the Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor version. Watching the movie Moulin Rouge and hearing the beautiful version of this song literally changed my life, I will tell you about it some day. So this song will always be in my heart and bring a little tear.
  • Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassidy-This is mine and Mr T’s song. It was our song before the dawn of reality tv. Now it gets murdered on talent shows, but the Eva Cassidy version still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.

So that’s my desert island disc list. It was really hard to whittle it down to just ten, I have so many. How about you? Tell me in the comments your favourite song, I’d love to hear yours too.

Tagging anyone who wants to play along!

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