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A couple of weeks ago Rose and Holly sat down at the dining room table armed with paper and colouring pens, ready for a very special craft project. We talked to Rose about designing her very own dream soft toy and what she wanted it to look like. As Rose is totally mad about My Little Pony I knew it wouldn’t be far off a version of Rainbow Dash, with Holly’s help Rose designed a pony with wings and a long, flowing rainbow coloured mane.

Rose’s imagined dream pet

As if by magic – and thanks to the lovely people at Petplan’s Pet Insurance – Rose’s imagined dream pet became a reality. Someone very clever took her design and turned it into a real-life soft toy for Rose to keep and treasure.

It is a rule in our house that the belongings you want to stay in one piece have to be kept off the floor and out of reach. Anything left in the path of Angus the dog will likely be destroyed and he has a particular penchant for soft toys.

Why do puppies have to chew everything?! Well, I’ve done a bit of research into this and apparently a puppy’s instinct to chew is down to survival of the fittest. The dogs that managed to chew the bones of whatever they’d hunted, thus ensuring they had extra calories and nutrients were the dogs that would have survived the longest in the wild.

So there you have it: it’s in their DNA and we forgive them because puppies are cute.

Angus the dog has slotted into our family as if he’s always been with us, so you can imagine how horrific it was when I received a phone call from my husband to say that Angus had been trapped underneath one of the lorries at my husband’s yard. We are talking about a huge 12.5-tonne truck that had rolled onto Angus’s hindleg, shattering his knee. Thankfully, after an operation and reconstructive surgery, several weeks of cage rest and lots of recuperation, Angus is a fit and healthy puppy again.

Our vet bill was more than £3500. Luckily we are insured, that situation could have been extremely difficult for us financially not to mention already dealing with the anguish you go through when a much-loved pet is injured. I post pictures of Angus on my Instagram often, and I always get lots of questions asking for tips and advice from people getting a new puppy. One of the first things I tell them is to get that pup insured because you can never be too careful.

Oh, and keep the soft toys off the floor. Puppies love to chew on soft toys…

12 week old border terrier puppy

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own.


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