Disney princess royal boutique cash register review

Lockable drawer Disney cash register

Have you got a little princess, or even a prince who loves Disney? For those looking for a last minute Christmas gift bound to light up the faces of your little ones then the Disney princess royal boutique cash register* is a perfect choice.

Imaginative play is so important to our children’s development and this lovely toy doesn’t disappoint. Rose has played with the cash register non-stop since it arrived last week. It has a real working scanner that beeps when you scan your items and a functioning cash register drawer. It also has a credit card swipe and pretend notes and coins. 3 AAA batteries are included.

Disney cash register

We had a lovely afternoon on Friday collecting items from around the house, including a box of cat food, some grapes and even a few baubles from the Christmas tree! Rose picked up each item and asked me if I’d like to buy it before scanning it (very seriously may I add!) and handing it to me. She even withheld sales a couple of times because I didn’t have enough money!

Opening cash drawer of Disney boutique cash register

I really enjoy games that involve using imagination and it’s quite amazing when you realise how much kids pick up from everyday life and then apply that knowledge to playtime. She knew exactly what to do with the scanner and giggled with delight each time the cash drawer pinged open. She also took great pleasure in locking her takings away with the key once she had finished her game, that’s my girl!

disney till 4 disney till 2


When the microphone button is pressed the cash register announces things like ‘will the owner of a lost slipper please report to customer service’ and ‘glitter spill on aisle 8!’ in the familiar Disney voice. It also switches off automatically after a period of inactive time so great for saving battery power.  The cash register is a working calculator a great feature for developing numeracy skills.

It’s a really cute and well-made toy and would be sure to impress this Christmas.

*pr sample

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  • Lucy Melissa Smith

    Written on 14th December 2015


    Haha love the little announcements, a ‘glitter spill’ is just so cute isn’t it?
    Rose sounds so sweet and she’s quite right to withhold a sale if you can’t pay for it, no special treatment for Mummy!!!
    This looks like a fab toy, I’d love to buy this for Lily when she’s a little older, I think she’d have a ball :)
    X X

  • Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life

    Written on 15th December 2015


    We were sent a one of these too and my little girl loves it too. Such a lovely toy that will bring hours of fun xx #triedtested

  • Kerry

    Written on 15th December 2015


    This looks fab my daughter would love it! We just got her the one from ELC though her birthday! #triedandtested

  • Baby Isabella

    Written on 15th December 2015


    This is my dream come true! I love shopping tills and Disney! Hopefully Father Christmas will deliver it too me! ;) great review #TriedTested

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 17th December 2015


    This is adorable, Baby would love this. Fab review, might have to add this to Baby’s Christmas list xxx

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