A dressing room makeover with Valspar stir in glitter paint

A dressing room make over with Valspar paint

Since we moved into our house a year ago it feels like we’ve been non-stop renovating. The upstairs needed so much work done, including complete rewiring in the main bedroom, en-suite and adjoining room as well as the whole lot being replastered. We actually slept in our dining room for 6 long months whilst all this work was going on and I could not wait to get to the fun part of decorating and getting some paint on the walls.

Both Justin and I are fairly minimalist when it comes to decoration, we love the Scandinavian look of fresh white walls and so when Valspar got in touch via Mumsnet and offered us a room makeover I wanted to take the opportunity to add a bit of interest to my dressing room, and opted for bright white with just a hint of grown-up glitter.

We painted the room with Valspar paint and primer in one in a bright white mid sheen. We only needed one coat which is testament to Valspar’s brilliant coverage. I’ve never used a paint and primer in one so it was great to give it a try, when you have lots of walls to cover the fun of decorating can get old quite quickly but it really took the hard work and effort out of painting. The Valspar rollers and paintbrushes are really good too, I’m the sort of person that buys a new roller every time we decorate but the old saying ‘you buy cheap, you pay twice’ is really apt here. It is well worth spending a few extra pounds on quality tools to decorate with. Lesson well and truly learned!

Once the walls were done came the fun part of adding the silver glitter into the remaining paint and giving the walls a coat of glitter. I decided to get silver as felt that went best with the white paint but was seriously tempted to get the gold – I am sure I’ll find a place for gold glitter somewhere in the house!

A dressing room make over with Valspar paint

A dressing room make over with Valspar paint

It’s really hard to pick up glitter in photographs because I didn’t add masses; I was going for a sophisticated glow rather than full-on glitter and the effect is just beautiful. By day my walls are bright white and clean, but when the sun shines through the window the paint twinkles and shines and looks fantastic. At night when the lights are on the walls look even more sparkly, it’s definitely understated sparkle but the beauty of the Valspar stir in glitter is that you really could go as subtle or as dramatic as you want. We loved it so much we even decided to paint the main wall in our bedroom with the glitter paint!

My favourite thing about the Valspar paint is that it’s completely scrubbable and it really and truly is. You’ll have to watch the video to see just how amazing it is: I drew on my freshly painted white walls with a lipstick and as promised by Valspar it was easily scrubbed away leaving absolutely no trace whatsoever (thank goodness) I want to decorate my whole house with it and banish those little fingerprints on walls forever!

5 reasons to LOVE Valspar paint

  1. Valspar’s super-scrub formulation stands up to even the toughest daily living. Which basically means if your toddler daubs mucky hands on your paintwork, draws over the walls with crayon – or worse, lisptick – you can scrub it off. Phew.
  2. Valspar can create any colour you want with their seriously clever colour match technology. So if like Jess (in the video) you wanted to paint a wall the same colour as your favourite cushion, you can take it to Valspar and they will colour match it and make a paint in an identical colour.
  3. The Valspar expert at my local B&Q was amazing, she knew her stuff and was so helpful. Top marks for excellent customer service.
  4. Opting for Valspar paint and primer in one will seriously cut down on time and effort. A primer, undercoat and paint all in one takes multi-tasking to another level.
  5. When I posted this video collab on my facebook page, I had so many comments from readers saying how much they loved the quality of the Valspar paint and how cool it is that it comes in any colour, the possibilities really are endless. You could completely transform your house with a quality product for an excellent price. What’s not to love?

Do check out the video below and see the results of my dressing room makeover along with two other bloggers that transformed their bedrooms.

Valspar paint available to buy at B&Q stores nationwide

*This is a commissioned post

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