Dry like me-the smart way to potty train review and COMPETITION

It is almost time for us to start thinking about potty training little Rose. She is showing a lot of signs she is ready including repeatedly telling us she needs to ‘go’ before she actually does.

I don’t completely recall the ages at which Lewis and Holly were potty trained (perhaps I’ve blocked it out!) What I do remember though is that there wasn’t a lot to aid children and help them learn.

Dry Like Me, the award-winning potty training pads are worn in children’s own pants, what a completely innovative idea. You all know what it’s like-going out and choosing the ‘big girl (or boy) pants only to have to keep changing them copious times throughout the day due to those little accidents that will inevitably happen.

dry like me

The idea of being able to put a pad inside the children’s own pants is completely genius! We aren’t at the stage of being able to completely test them just yet but from what I’ve read the pad isn’t quite as absorbent as a nappy and therefore lets the child know that they’ve had a little accident without making them feel uncomfortably wet as they would if they just had their pants on.

I can’t wait to try these out once Rose is ready to get some big girl pants because it seems like they will completely take the hassle out of it.

dry like me book

Dry Like Me have just filmed their first ever TV advertisement – and it is hilarious, have a watch at how much fun the children are having with the potty training pads!

The award-winning Dry Like Me potty training pads were created by mums, Jude and Di , when they couldn’t find anything that helped to move their potty training children away from nappies and into their own pants. They commissioned independent research, which showed the pads reduced accidents after only one week, and Dry Like Me are now sold by most supermarkets and online at amazon and www.drylikeme.com.   One size fits all ages of children, and there are three types to choose from: ‘Early Days’ for the start of potty training, ‘Original’ for the middle to end stages and ‘Night-Time’ to help children get dry at night. They cost around £3.49 a box, are designed to be soft and comfortable and are recommended by health professionals.

dry like me box

To celebrate the launch of their first TV campaign, Dry Like Me are giving away packs to help get your little one out of nappies and into proper pants. Each ‘Smart Way to Potty Train’ pack contains four boxes of Dry Like Me pads, a ‘How to Potty Train’ book (written by Jude and Di) and a sticker reward chart, and is worth £24.

To have a chance of winning simply enter on the rafflecopter below.

For more information on Dry Like Me potty training pads, as well as lots of tips and advice go to www.drylikeme.com or www.facebook.com/drylikemeuk.

The competition rules:

  • If you visit my Facebook page as part of the entry you do not have to ‘like’ my page in order to be entered.
  • Facebook are not associated with this competition in any way.
  • UK entrants only please

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