Energizer® and Secret Life of Pets family challenge!

I’m so excited to share this post and video with you. I’ve been crafting, yes me. I know, I know, I don’t really ‘do crafting’ (!) but, I had a little helper (Rose) and a big helper (Justin) we made something crafty and had so much fun doing it.

Energizer® has teamed up with Secret Life of Pets which was recently released on DVD this. Energizer® challenged us to make a special sleeping place for Rose’s plush toy ‘Snowball’ a cute fluffy rabbit from the movie. Rose decided that she would like to build a toadstool house which would be perfect for Snowball the rabbit’s imaginary secret life.

Secret life of Pets Snowball

Rose has a thing for fairies, we have little fairy doors amongst the trees in the forest on the edge of our house, her own wooden tree house nestled amongst one of the biggest trees has a fairy theme and so I had a feeling she would pick something along those lines. Funnily enough, she also loves rabbits, we have quite a collection of them and when asked what would she like to be in the school nativity; Mary, a star, an angel…no, Rose chose to be a rabbit, of course! When we opened the box of goodies sent by Energizer®, Rose was delighted to find Snowball the rabbit had been sent out to her.

Rose decided that since rabbits live outside they must be friendly with fairies and so a fairy toadstool house for Snowball to sleep and play in was the obvious choice! We set about making Snowball’s house on Sunday afternoon, armed with an enormous box of crafts, a couple of cardboard boxes and some trusty glue and scissors.

Secret life of Pets Snowball

We started by cutting a strip of cardboard in a large rectangle shape which we taped together to form a cylinder. This was to be the base of the house. We reinforced the inside with pieces of cardboard that we cut up and stuck on with strong gaffa tape (yes, I am married to a builder!) Next, we cut a large circle and made a slit in one side which formed the dome-shaped roof.

To decorate the outside walls of the house we cut out brick shapes from coloured cardboard. Rose had a lovely time covering them with glue and helping me stick them to the outside of the house.

Secret life of Pets Snowball

We stuck orange tissue paper to the roof and painted on white spots to resemble a toadstool. To finish, Rose decorating the house with stickers and I cut a door shape out big enough for Snowball to get in and out of.

Who knew you could have so much fun with a couple of cardboard boxes! We had the best afternoon and Rose was just so thrilled to make a house especially for her new toy.

Secret life of Pets Snowball

We all know that little kids like the cardboard boxes almost as much as the presents but it’s inevitable that batteries will most definitely be needed throughout the Christmas holidays. Don’t forget to stock up on Energizer batteries, if you buy a promotional pack from participating major retailers at the moment, you will have the chance to win your own Secret life of Pets plush toy!

Energizer batteries

Secret life of Pets Snowball

I always pop a couple of packs of batteries into Lewis and Holly’s stockings, Energizer® powers family time with a brilliant range of batteries, they also make headlamps which come in very handy when you live on the edge of a dark forest like we do. Energizer® products are perfect for our family adventures, and have never, ever let us down!

Secret life of Pets Snowball

Have you seen Secret Life of Pets yet, who’s your favourite character? If you fancy getting crafty throughout the holidays there are free SLOP activity sheets available to download from the Energizer website, which can be found here we loved the match the shadows one!

*This is a commissioned post

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How to make a fairy toadstool house from a cardboard box. Complete with pastel coloured ‘bricks’ and a dome-shaped roof. Click through to watch the instructional video.

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