Focus on Dad with Photobox

Did you know that dads appear in only half as many family photos as mum? Personalised photo gifting service Photobox have revealed that UK dads are missing from family snaps.

But where are the dads?

Well, the study carried out by Photobox determines that dad is most likely taking the photo or too embarrassed to get in the picture!

  • Dad is always behind the camera and not in front;
    • Mum prefers Dad taking the family photos (68%)
    • Two-thirds of Dads believe they’re better at taking photos than Mum (61%)
    • A third of Dads admit trying to avoid family photos altogether (34%)

I’ve had a think about these stats and I must admit I probably do feature in family photos twice as much as Mr T. Although I am classed as the ‘photographer’ in our household, I tend to set the shot up for him and the camera settings so that all he needs to do point and shoot. I’m left wondering if we do this because I am often taking pictures for the blog and I like to be in them or if this would just be the case anyway.

Although Mr T obliges me with the odd photograph he doesn’t really feel *that* comfortable in front of the camera.


Photobox are on a mission to put Dad back in the frame and celebrate his great moments too, they want dads to be just as present in the photographs as the rest of the family and so this Father’s day it’s all eyes on dad.

We were challenged by Photobox to set up a photoshoot with the focus on dad, the only rule was that the kids were in charge of setting it up, styling dad (all the lols!) and shooting the entire thing.

A photoshoot for Photobox

Read to the end to find out how you could win a slot at the Photobox kids’ studio AND £300.00 cash. It’s a mega prize. Here’s how we got on with our shoot.

Now, I think we are quite lucky in that Lewis (16) has inherited my love for photography. You will notice that he hardly ever appears in photos here on the blog because he absolutely hates having his picture taken(!) it must be a guy thing? Hence, Lewis snapped up the job of being chief photogapher for this project.

Photobox sent us some fun props to help with the shoot, Rose and Holly were responsible for setting them up and Lewis took ALL the pictures. I think he did really well, don’t you?

It was very interesting handing my camera over to Lewis and watching him direct the shoot. I took a step back and let him do his own thing and I promised not to interfere. I was pretty impressed that he moved his ‘subjects’ around the garden to find the best light. Photographer in the making, maybe?

Photobox photoshoot

When getting kids involved with taking photographs Darren from Photalife suggests:

Don’t bombard them with too much information. The best way to start is to tell them to start by getting everything in the centre then they won’t go too far wrong. This is where having a screen is ideal as they can see exactly what they’re taking a photo of.

Photo booth fun with Photobox

It’s actually really cool letting the kids get involved with taking family photos, I also think because the photo session was organised by the kids it helped Mr T feel more relaxed in front of the camera. I am perhaps a bit too impatient when trying to get the ‘perfect shot’ but actually when you stop being overly technical and focus on having fun those really are the natural moments you treasure the most.

Focus on Dad with Photobox

For a Father’s day gift we ordered a few personalised goodies from Photobox as a reminder of the fun shoot. Mr T is chuffed to bits with his ‘Dad’ mug and has taken the photo block to put on his desk at work. The funky retro prints will be displayed in our kitchen, and the kids said it’s really nice to have a few more snaps of dad about the place. Lewis is really proud to see his handy work in print now we just need to work on getting him in front of the camera too!

retro prints form photobox

Photobox gifts for father’s day

I can’t recommend Photobox highly enough for personalised photo gifts at an incredible price point. The ordering process is super quick and easy and you are informed by email telling you what stage your order is at and once it’s been dispatched. There’s up to 50% off Father’s day gifts at the moment and still plenty of time to order online. I also noticed that there’s free delivery on orders over £30.00 just use code: FREEDEL30 when you place your order.

How to win a slot at the PhotoBox Kids’ Photo Studio 

‘Now it’s your turn to #FocusOnDad Fancy a chance at winning a spot at the exclusive PhotoBox kids photo studio, plus £300 to treat him to his perfect day out? Head to for more details.

You can also tell PhotoBox why the special Dad in your life deserves a treat by using #FocusOnDad on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

This is an amazing prize and I think it’s a lovely idea. Imagine how brilliant it would be to win a day at a photo studio run entirely by the kids, with Dad as the star? I think even Mr T would enjoy it!

*This is a commissioned post

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