Gardening ideas for the Summer

cat sunning itself in the garden

We have recently moved into a new house (as if you didn’t know if you follow me on social media!) and with that have inherited the most beautiful and mature of gardens. We have lots of established trees, ferns, ivy and other plants that I won’t even pretend to know the names of! Some of the trees are so ancient in fact, they have conservation orders on them.

With Summer finally here and the promise of continuing glorious weather, we want to make the most of our new outside space and I have big plans for this garden of ours.

mature garden with established trees covered in ivy


Now, I must admit I haven’t in the past been particularly green-fingered. Far from it actually, but that’s about to change as I feel as though with this new garden I’ve found my happy place and I really want to do it justice.

We don’t plan on getting rid of or dramatically cutting anything back but I think our first port of call should be to get a professional gardener round to tell us what is weed and what isn’t. It is quite overgrown as you can see from the photographs but I actually kind of love the wildness of it and wouldn’t want to lose that charm.

wrap around terrace-house in the trees

Our house is rather like a treehouse surrounded by and enveloped by all this wonderful greenery. We have a gorgeous wrap around terrace and I would quite like to have a hot tub in the more secluded area at the back. It would sit nicely beside the steps that go nowhere other than up the enormous old quarry wall that the house nestles into.

I have been doing lots of research into gardening and the best types of plants and flowers to give us some colour year-round. There are lots of garden ideas that interest me and with all the lovely weather we’ve been having recently a BBQ area will be the first thing we invest in. I’d also like Mr T to make me an outdoor pizza oven and I think it would be feasible to build it into the quarry wall next to the BBQ area.

handmade garden steps leading to quarry wall

We do need to make a ‘safe zone’ for Rose, and will clear some space and lay grass so she can have a little wooden playhouse and swing outside, the possibilities are endless. With all the trees around she could even have a treehouse one day, wouldn’t that be something!

To finish off some outdoor lighting would be great, if we get it right we could make it look quite enchanted and magical. I can picture Mr T and I relaxing in a hot tub, surrounded by romantic lighting with a glass of bubbly. Oh yes, very nice indeed…

sun setting in garden

*this is a collaborative post

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  • Lizzie Roles

    Written on 10th July 2015


    what a stunning garden, it’s one of my woes not having a mature garden, but we have made ours very kid friendly & are staring from the beginning. Your garden is the perfect backdrop to your photo’s, love! Xo

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