Get the kids cooking with Ben’s Beginners™

Baking a three course meal with the Tefal Cuisine Companion

The other evening as I cooked dinner I was simultaneously sending out instructions to my eldest, Lewis, who was cooking my version of sausage pasta for his friend (who’s a girl, so he was a tad nervous). Now he was, of course, trying to impress and had called me a couple of times in a hushed voice, just to double check that he was getting it right.

Turns out Lewis makes a mean sausage pasta, just like his mama taught him.

One of the things I’ve always made sure of is that my eldest two felt comfortable helping out in the kitchen and would be able to cook at least 4 basic meals, by themselves (even if they do have to call me to ask something!)

Being able to cook for yourself is obviously a very necessary life skill and research has shown that families that cook and eat together will enjoy significant health benefits. From experience, I’ve learnt that if you encourage children to help out in the preparation of meals they are far more likely to eat what’s put in front of them.

Baking a three course meal

Holly and Rose cooking together

In the run up to International Cook With Your Kids Day on Saturday 15th October, Uncle Ben’s have launched Ben’s Beginners™ a global initiative aimed at getting kids and families cooking together and having fun while developing that all important lifelong good relationship with food.

I remember my mum had a copy of Delia Smith’s ‘How To Cook’. In there were detailed instructions on simple things like how to boil an egg and I’ve never forgotten -Eggs came in pretty handy in my student days, let me tell you!- These are basic skills that I’m so glad I learnt and I’m pretty sure that having an interest in food and cooking when I was a child was what sparked a lifelong passion of cooking and baking.

I’ve passed down my cooking know-how to my own children and believe it’s never too early to get the kids started out in the kitchen.

Starting out in the kitchen guide from Ben’s Beginners

Ben’s Beginners™ Digital Hub

The Ben’s Beginners™ digital hub has fun interactive challenges so that kids can develop basic skills such as stirring, chopping, pouring, and peeling. Teaching kids to cook inspires them to eat healthier and it turns cooking time into family fun time.

As part of Ben’s Beginners families are being encouraged to set aside time to focus on working on these skills and putting them to the test by participating in International Cook With Your Kids Day on Saturday 15th October.

Getting started with Uncle Ben's

Getting involved with Ben’s beginners is easy, simply pop over to the digital hub, choose which lesson you want to take and follow the simple step-by -step instructions on the site. Once your lesson is complete you will earn a badge (which kids don’t love a badge?!) and then you can move onto the next lesson, acquiring skills (and all important badges) as you go.

Ben’s beginners recipes

  • Each lesson is made up of a combination of interactive learning activities and recipes
  • Families will earn badges for completing each lesson, making the experience interactive and fun for every level of family chef
  • Learning skills like stirring, chopping, pouring, peeling and measuring, families will be guided to cook recipes together like Black Bean and Rice Open-Faced Tacos, Chicken, Broccoli & Rice Casserole, Meatballs & Rice, Soy and Sweet Chilli Salmon, and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Why not get involved?

I’ll be blogging and vlogging a recipe on International Cook With Your Kids Day, Saturday 15th October. So join me by taking part in the worldwide celebration sharing a photo of your family cooking together using #LookWhatWeMade I can’t wait to see how you get on.

Let’s get the kids cooking!

The full Uncle Ben’s range of products can be viewed here which contains all ingredients and nutritional information.

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