We’re going skiing! Plus a Swisse families update

After months and months of anticipation, today is the day we head off down to Gatwick to begin our ski adventure. One-half of me is the most excited I’ve ever been about an impending holiday and the other half is the most nervous. To help us prepare for our ski trip Swisse recently sent us for skiing lessons and I must say it is much easier than I thought it would be, well if you count snow ploughing down the toddler slope at a snail’s pace progress -in my case anyway- the others were practically flying down the slope by the end of our session.

I’ve decided that while away on this ski trip I am not going to put any pressure on myself and if I feel comfortable on the teeny tiny slopes then that’s where I’ll be staying. You never know, I *might* get really good at it. Watch this space.

Watch this space.

Amy Treasure Swisse

As part of my collaboration with Swisse, one of the perks is getting one on one consultations with Rick Hay: a top Nutritional Physiologist and ‘The superfoodist’. Rick is an Anti-Ageing Food and Fitness Nutritionist and has been helping me understand my body and my health. I really enjoy talking to Rick, he immediately makes me feel comfortable and sets any qualms I may have at ease.

As a busy mum of three I am constantly on the go and so having enough energy to get me through the day is vital. I’ve been taking the Swisse Women’s Ultivites since my partnership with Swisse began. I wwouldn’t be without them now and together with the Hair Skin Nails they have become part of my daily routine. Rick also suggested that I try the Swisse High Strength Vitamin C which is brilliant for immune function (we all need a bit of that at this time of year), energy production and release as well as collagen formation (yes please!).

Swisse vitamins range

I’ve also been taking Magnesium to help with regular bowl movements. Now, I appreciate that discussing this isn’t the most glamorous thing ever but this is something I have struggled with for a while and it can make me feel really sluggish and unhealthy so I’m hoping the Magnesium will help get things moving (so to speak!)

Something else I don’t talk about much here on the blog is my weight. I’ve been unhappy about it for at least the last two years and have tried various diets and exercise to not much avail. Rick has advised me on the types of food I should be eating and has done his best to encourage me to use my gym membership. I haven’t been exercising at all lately because I am just so busy but I really hope to take up Barre classes in the new year which I think will give me the impetus to get active again. Rick suggested I try

Rick suggested I try Swisse Weight Control, the high strength chromium and zinc contribute to normal metabolism of macronutrients and it contains Glucomannan which is a natural fibre that expands its volume in the stomach helping you feel fuller for longer. I am tend to eat just for the sake of it and it’s mostly the wrong stuff (a whole bag of pistachio nuts, anyone?) so fingers crossed this helps me to put a stop to that. I will let you all know how I get on.

This is me signing off for a week, wish me luck and I’ll see you on the other side with my tales of the slopes. Do keep up with our journey over on Instagram and ready yourselves for some serious #SnowSpam!

*Swisse vitamins available exclusively at Boots. You can view the whole range here. 

Post written in collaboration with Swisse

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  • Gordon

    Written on 20th December 2016


    Hi Amy I hope you enjoy your skiing holiday. I didn’t enjoy my first experience becasue I found it hard work but the second time we went skiing when I could actually ski a little I really enjoyed it so if you do find it hard work please give skiing a second chance!

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 3rd January 2017


      It was hard work physically but oh my goodness we had the time of our lives. Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you had a good Christmas and new year :)

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